Seven Steps for Success in the UKG Community

People at table with laptops

In any neighborhood, it’s helpful to know the shortcuts, ins and outs, and your fellow neighbors to make you feel at home. The neighborhood we’ve created in the UKG Community™ has many different paths to take, groups to join, and people to meet. Everything has been designed to help you make the hard stuff simple, but with so much to explore, it’s nice to have a little guidance along the way. Think of these tips as your GPS, helping you find the fastest route to your destination! 

Access the UKG Community as an Authorized User

Some content in our UKG Community is available to the public without requiring a login; however, if you self-register and then log in, you’ll have a more personalized experience. To increase security in the Community, as of April 1, 2024, we’ve limited access to our product and services resources to authorized users who log in and authenticate with Community credentials. Make sure to take action and register if you haven’t already! Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to access all content, engage with other members, and even create your own posts to ask questions or share resources.

Find the Products You Use and Their Documentation

To understand what products your organization is using, you’ll want to visit the My Products tab. Once on the home page, you’ll notice a feed in the middle of the page, and that’s where you’ll see the My Products tab, which you can click for a list of all the product names your organization is live on. The resources in the Community are organized by solution name, so it’s very important you verify the name of your solution to ensure you’re utilizing the right resources. You’ll then want to visit the Learn page for your solution to get familiar with the resources offered there, such as a Library filled with product guides, release information, events, training resources, and more.

Sign up for Notifications

Stay up to date on important product updates and insights from fellow members by registering for email notifications under the My Settings tab. You can subscribe to receive notifications when someone comments on your post, sends you a direct message, comments on an item you’ve bookmarked, mentions you in a post, and so much more. 

Search and Filter

Did you know our search engine in the UKG Community gets smarter the more you use it? Whether you’re looking for knowledge articles, product guides, discussions, cases, people, or ideas, our search engine will populate recommendations that closely match your key words. The technology is continually working in the background to get smarter and help improve your experience as you search and select results. Once results are displayed, at the top of the page you’ll notice a toggle that will by default show you results for products you own. You can then filter the results by product solution and resource type to help you access what you need quickly.

Favorite and Subscribe to Important Resources

Easily favorite knowledge articles for easy recall if you’ll need to access them frequently. You can also subscribe to a knowledge article to receive an email alert any time it’s revised. To do this, once you’ve found a knowledge article you want to favorite or subscribe to, at the top of the page you’ll notice a star icon next to the word Favorites. Once you click on the star, you’ll see the options to favorite or subscribe to the article, along with an option to manage your favorite articles. For convenience, you’ll see the option to manage favorites on any knowledge article, whether you’ve favorited it or not. 

Create, Manage, and Search for Cases

You probably know that you’re able to submit and manage a support case in the UKG Community, but did you know that you can also search for cases either by case number or date range? Click the Services & Support tab, and you’ll see the option to create or manage cases. You’ll then select Manage Cases, and you’ll see the option to search, allowing you to quickly find what you’re looking for.

Review and Join Discussion Groups

There are many discussion groups in the Community that you can join based on industry, region, and special interests. These groups are where you’ll want to be to find important product updates, ask questions, and maybe even answer a question from another member. Pro tip: If you find a particularly helpful discussion post, you can bookmark it by clicking the arrow at the top right of the post and selecting Bookmark from the dropdown. View all your bookmarks under the My Bookmarks tab above your feed on the home page.

We hope these tips will help guide your way as you navigate the UKG Community and use it to make the most of your UKG® solutions. If you’re looking for additional resources on access and registration, support cases, service requests, and the Community experience, check out our UKG Community Resources page and be sure to bookmark it for quick reference in the future. We look forward to seeing you around the neighborhood!