Send Your Employees “Back to School” with Workforce Central Training

Learning on Computer

With memories of Independence Day barbecues barely behind us, there is one topic on every parent’s mind — back-to-school time. We’ve read there may be shortages of backpacks, sneakers, and other school essentials, but when it comes to your UKG Workforce Central® education, there is never a lack of training resources to assist you in keeping employees and managers up to speed. 

A best practice is to evaluate the training that system administrators need, on an annual basis (perhaps while building your education budget for the year or when preparing to send the kids back to school). With each major product release, we encourage you to evaluate the training your end-users may need to take advantage of the new features as well as what basic training you have available for new staff or managers. By refreshing your ongoing training on a regular basis, you have resources readily available as new managers and staff are added to your organization. 

We sometimes see new features receiving more attention than the ongoing training. But don’t underestimate the value of training. It’s key to organizational consistency. Employees often view the resources provided during orientation as a test of how much care was put into welcoming them to an organization and into making the administrative work easy to do so they can focus on their job duties. Training of end-users is essential to the adoption and ongoing use of the UKG products and to your organization’s overall success in managing your workforce. 

Learning on Computer

To highlight the breadth of training available, consider these questions and corresponding resources. 

  • New to system administrator duties? Check out the New Admin Starter Checklist the UKG Kronos Community. 
  • Looking to learn more about UKG Workforce Central? We have the UKG KnowledgePass™ subscription service, which is your one-stop shop to learn about UKG Workforce Central. Self-paced training and a wealth of resources are available here. Join the KnowledgePass Community group to keep current with monthly webinars, added content, and tips for using KnowledgePass.
  • Not sure how to guide your managers versus employees in how to use UKG Workforce Central? Check out the learning paths that are customized by role. 
  • Are you interested in scheduling our top-notch instructor-led training instead of the do-it-yourself, self-paced recorded learning? Our scheduled sessions delivered by UKG certified trainers allow you to attend a virtual classroom and interact with the instructor and other students. 
  • Would you like to add your company’s logo and personalize the training materials used with your employees? Our Train-the-Trainer package provides editable versions of course manuals (course details in the learning paths), and the Customer Engagement Toolkit allows you to personalize training slides and job aids to reflect your processes and procedures. 
  • Face it, budgets are tight — everywhere. Is there a guarantee that the training dollars are well spent? UKG has fully guaranteed training for UKG Workforce Central. Your satisfaction is guaranteed for any self-paced training or any training performed by a UKG certified instructor. 

While you are planning for training, don’t forget that training is more of a process than a one-time event. Retention is important, and many people won’t remember what they learned today by the time they arrive at work tomorrow. Make job aids and resources available after the training session, and schedule training sessions close to the time employees can put what they learned into practice. Some organizations schedule standing “office hours” or learning labs for drop-ins to practice and ask questions about topics or procedures that were not fully retained from training. 

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest,” and we agree that you will be most successful when staff and managers are effectively trained in using the UKG products.

Check out Learn UKG Workforce Central for additional training resources and information.