School’s Out! (But Not For You!) UltiUniversity Courses You Should Take Now

Working with Headphones

As schools around the country let out for the summer, it’s totally tempting to give your kids (or anyone else’s!) the side-eye as they enjoy their ice-cream truck rendezvous or make their way to the neighborhood pool. After all, your learning as a human resources professional is never done. But who says you can’t have a little fun while fueling your commitment to education? Sure, an expansive knowledge of UKG Pro™ makes you a better resource for your organization, but you’re best able to take care of other people when you’re doing a good job taking care of yourself. So, for this blog post, we’re doing something a little different. 

Working with Headphones

Yes, we’re going to introduce you to some courses in UltiUniversity that you can enroll in today that’ll teach you important skills to make your job easier, but we’re also going to make suggestions for some things you can pair with the classes to make your educational journey a little more fun; think of it as a wine-and-cheese pairing but without the buzz. But first ...

What is UltiUniversity?

It’s a dynamic educational resource designed to help you and your team get the most out of your UKG Pro solution. It’s built on the UKG Pro Learning platform and leverages all the power that product has to offer. That means you’ll get access to both live instructor-led courses and self-paced courses that you can complete on your own schedule, in addition to tools that give you the ability to track your progress as well as that of your colleagues. If you’re not familiar with UltiUniversity, check our introductory tutorial, which will walk you through everything from basic navigation in the portal to how to register for courses and view transcripts.

Now that you’ve been formally introduced to UltiU, let’s get started. Here are some of our favorite classes in session at the moment. Note: Once you’ve logged in to UltiUniversity (UKG Ultimate Community > Learning Center > UltiUniversity > Access UltiUniversity), enter the class name in the search bar to register.

Class to take: UKG Pro Navigation 
Why: This self-paced session will give you an overview of the new navigation that was rolled out in UKG Pro with the 2020 fall/year-end release. While your company may not have activated the new menu yet, it’ll soon be required, so it’s a good time to get familiar with the updated look and functionality. Inside, you’ll find a handy demo that gives you an in-depth overview as well as a direct link to the UKG Pro Experience, a virtual sandbox that lets you explore the features for yourself. 
Prerequisite courses: None
Pair with: Wine and cheese. Maybe we were a little quick to say our recommendations would be totally buzz-free. Scrolling around and practicing what you’ve learned in the UKG Pro Experience gets a lot more interesting when you’re clicking and sipping interchangeably. Lately, we’ve been loving pairing Landana 1,000 Days aged Gouda with a glass of La Crema Pinot Noir, but if you’re looking to enjoy your snack at your desk, you can try subbing the wine for 2s Company wafer crackers.

Class to take: 056 Compensation Management: Managing Compensation Plans
Why: Are you and your organization rewarding the right people? In today’s competitive job market, we’re all learning how critical it is to hold on to the employees who are supporting and elevating your business. This live virtual session can make sure you’re at the top of your game by showing you how to configure and manage your company’s compensation plans in UKG Pro and to conduct the payout calculation process.
Prerequisites: Snapshot View of Role Security, Business Rules and Dates, UltiPro Standard Reporting, and UKG Pro Navigation
Pair with: Your favorite coworker. Register with your office pal, and put some time on the calendar for a proper rehash session afterward. We do this pretty frequently and are always amazed at what our coworkers catch that we may miss and vice versa.

Class to take: 074 Business Process and Workflow Configuration
Why: We know we’ve been championing business processes and workflow configuration pretty often around these parts and on the Learning Center, but that’s only because they’re so vital to smooth business operations. This course will show you how to assign approval levels by role, add observers, and configure email settings so that you can best automate both your linear and conditional workflow approval processes. Set them and forget them to get some time back in your day. 
Prerequisite courses: Business Process, Workflow Configuration Basics
Pair with: A feel-good playlist, like the one we created to help you power through payroll, can be your tagalong as you take the brief Knowledge Check you’ll need to pass before qualifying to take this Intermediate-level, instructor-led course. You’ll want to have some basics under your belt before taking this one, but we promise it’ll be worth it!

Class to take: Security: Settings and Management
Why: Because you can’t be too careful when it comes to the security of your company and employee information. This self-paced session gets you up to speed on all the great features UKG Pro has in place to help you safeguard your data, and it teaches you how to enable and implement them. Register now if you want to learn more about multifactor authentication, how to configure role-based IP address filtering, and so much more. 
Prerequisite courses: None
Pair with: Bathtub, extra bubbles. Who says that books should get to have all the fun? We promise it’s just as easy to take a dip while scrolling on your digital tablet or mobile device as it is to turn pages in a physical novel. And the best part? You’ll come out squeaky clean and full of new knowledge on how to empower your business decisions.