Reporting for Duty: People Analytics Features to Make Your Data Sharing Easier

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Are your people happy? Do you know where they’re working from and when? Are your employees being paid fairly and equitably? There are so many different factors to keep in mind when assessing the health and efficiency of your workforce and so little time in which to consider them. That’s why we’re such vocal advocates of our UKG Pro™ People Analytics (formerly UltiPro Business Intelligence) solution. It gives you an easy way to make sense of all the valuable employee data that’s captured and recorded in your UKG Pro product, so you have the information you need to determine and support organizational change (via 360 delivered reports, 241 sample reports, and endless custom report options).

It’s also why we continue to invest in upgrading the Business Intelligence and Cognos Analytics tools that help power People Analytics; the more expanded the functionality, the more insights to benefit your company. But you can’t put these new features to work for you unless you get a little better acquainted with them first. Here, we’re sharing some highlights from our latest release and how you can use them to better inform future management decisions. Please note, if you’re not logged in to the UKG Ultimate Community, you may be asked to enter your credentials when accessing the following links.

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Reporting Enhancements

  • Data item search. New functionality makes it possible for you to perform searches for specific data fields within your report packages. And if you hover over the search result, it will provide you with a path for where the data item lives for easier access to the information.
  • Copy and paste enhancements. You may now copy and paste assets — like lists and tables — from one report to another, giving you the ability to do in one click what used to involve several steps.
  • Fixed toolbar option. When creating reports, you’re now able to dock your toolbar so that it stays in one fixed spot above your canvas, allowing you to find everything you need in one convenient location.
  • Report sharing. You can arrange for additional recipients to receive your burst reports via email, thanks to new options that invite you to add contacts to the CC and BCC fields. For more information on how to schedule reports in People Analytics, take a look at this job aid in the Learning Center.

Dashboarding Enhancements

  • New visualizations. We’ve introduced several new visualization options that give you the flexibility to further customize your reports. Be sure to check out the Tree Map and the Bullet Chart options. They’re some of our favorites.
  • Copy and paste enhancements. You may now copy and paste visualizations from one report to another, avoiding the need to re-create the powerful data displays and saving you time.
  • Increased personalization options. Make your reports, well, yours. The new release gives you the ability to create custom color palettes so you can display your company data in reports that reflect your corporate identity. 
  • Dashboard sharing. Help your organization better digest its valuable employee data, thanks to new functionality that allows you to share your visual dashboards with others — whether or not they have access to People Analytics. This job aid can show you how.

New Reports

We’re continually adding new delivered and sample reports to accommodate the needs of a modern workforce and to help you ensure your organization stays in compliance with ever-changing legislation. Check out a sampling of our most recent additions here, but for a full listing, visit Release Notes in the Learning Center.

  • WIT – Employee Benefit Plan Listing report. Found in the WIT Benefit Reports folder, this report can be used to generate a spreadsheet that can be leveraged to update employee benefit plans with stop dates and a status of “terminate.” The report will be especially helpful when stopping current year Flexible Spending Account plans for compliance purposes.
  • COVID-19 reports. Two new reports, 2nd Draw PPP – Loan Forgiveness – FTE Component and 2nd Draw PPP – Loan Forgiveness – Wages Component, have been added to your solution to help you prepare for the second round of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan forgiveness.

Looking to learn more? We have a host of upgrade resources, from webinar recordings to job aids and FAQs, available for you in the Learning Center. We also host monthly People Analytics Knowledge Hours on topics specific to Business Intelligence for everyone from beginners to advanced users. Be sure to check out the Events page in the UKG Ultimate Community to register for upcoming webcasts, or visit our archive of past Knowledge Hours here.