R8 is on the Way: A Look at Key Features Heading to Your UKG Dimensions Solution

R8 is on the way

Providing you with tools to effectively and efficiently manage your unique workforce — and getting you comfortable and confident using them — is our priority. That’s why we’re constantly enhancing your UKG Dimensions™ solution with new features and functionality to meet your business and people needs and offering resources to ensure you’re ready to put them into action.

The R8 Dimensions Workforce Management release will be here soon, and we’re delivering something for everyone. From Wi-Fi geofencing to new employee timecard settings and scheduling enhancements, managers, admins, and employees will be able to take advantage of exciting new updates that increase productivity and improve the user experience.



So, what’s heading your way?

Here’s a look at some of the exciting key features coming in your R8 release:

Wi-Fi and Geofencing

What does it do? 
This functionality expands geofencing options with Wi-Fi platform enhancements and makes it easier for employees to punch in. It reduces privacy concerns while giving managers increased confidence that employees are at work when they punch in.

Who’s impacted, and how?
Managers will have higher confidence that employees are at work.
Admins will have new configuration options.
Employees will have reduced concerns sharing their GPS location.

Timecard Settings and Add-Ons

What does it do?
Administrators can now configure the look and feel of the timecard layout and the timecard add-on(s) columns layout.

Who’s impacted, and how?
Managers will get a more personalized view of employee timecards defined by admins.
Admins will set up the add-on profiles and timecard settings.
Employees will get a personalized view of their timecard as defined by admins.

Offline Attestation

What does it do?
This feature allows offline attestation answers and actions to be processed systematically when the clock returns online, removing the manual reconciliation of attestation actions for offline questions. It persists offline punches and streamlines the configuration of offline attestation.

Who’s impacted, and how?
Managers will be able to use this to replace manual workarounds to reconcile Offline Attestation.
Admins will configure Offline Attestation within WFM and not within Activities.

Scheduling Data in Information Access (IA)

What does it do?
Scheduling data is continually being added to IA — such as comments, notes, and scheduling indicators, request data, and audit data — giving managers access to more of the data they need in order to manage their business.

Who is impacted, and how?
Managers will be able to view dataviews and reports containing the new data elements.
Admins will be able to create and maintain dataviews and reports using the new data elements.

Additional features are being released with R8, so be sure you check out Release Notes, job aids, training courses, demos, and more on the Release Readiness page to get a full picture of everything being delivered to your Dimensions solution.

Dive deeper into these features (and others) with available resources

While these are some of the exciting features coming in R8, this latest release will be delivering even more to your solution. Do you want to be fully prepared to take advantage of ALL the features available in R8? Well, you’re in luck! The Release Readiness page is stocked with video demos, Release Notes, screenshots, job aids, feature training courses, and more — everything you need to get prepared and well-versed regarding your Dimensions release.


Release Readiness page

Video recordings from the What’s New and What’s Next webinar and the UKG Dimensions Feature Sneak Peek webinar are available to watch on the right-hand side of the Release Readiness page. You’ll also find links to download the slide decks from the presentations, which will be helpful to have on hand as you get comfortable with each new feature.

KnowledgeMap training courses on each feature are available for you to take. Check out the full list of courses — located under the Learning Resources tab — and register today. 

Important reminders!

Please keep these three things in mind as R8 approaches! And check out the Get Release Ready — What UKG Dimensions Customers Need to Know article for more preparation tips.

Stay connected with the UKG Dimensions discussion group

The UKG Dimensions WFM discussion group in UKG Kronos Community is a great place to connect with peers and ask questions about upcoming releases. It’s also one of the channels we use to promote when new material is available on the Release Readiness page. Not yet a member? Join and follow the group today! 

Ensure your users adopt the new features

The User Adoption Resource Center contains a set of change management and user support tools — including templates for communication plans, mobile adoption tools, and other change-related resources — you can customize for your needs. You can access the User Adoption Resource Center and explore what it has to offer through the home page of your KnowledgeMap Live learning portal. There are tons of great tools in the resource center, but the good news is that you don’t have to do it all yourself if DIY isn’t your cup of tea. UKG offers the option to work with a user adoption consultant to get hands-on assistance. Contact [email protected] if you have questions. 

Subscribe to Trust Site communications

The Trust Site is for more than just monitoring the status of your solution. It’s how you receive critical information about your solution, including releases. Make sure you subscribe to Trust Site communications for maintenance, incidents, and announcements. The Trust Site communications guide will help you understand these three types of notifications. Subscribing to all three notification types is what we recommend so you don’t miss a thing — but keep your eyes out for announcements in particular. Announcement communications will contain information regarding R8 and other future releases. Visit Trust Site Resources to learn more, or check out the Key Benefits of the UKG Dimensions Trust Site blog post.