Psst … Here’s a Sneak Peak of Nine UKG Ready Enhancements Coming in the October Release

Ready Release October

Suite Experience 

Auto Assign Checklist 
Alice works in HR and recently has been struggling with Checklists. She loves the fact that she can automatically assign onboarding checklists to new employees because it honestly saves her so much time, but she’s unsure why she can’t do that with existing employees. She quickly glances over the release notes and is excited to see that with the October release, she’ll be able to automatically assign checklists to existing employees as well as new ones. She looks forward to being able to streamline a somewhat daunting task that always seemed to be on her to-do list. 

Where to find it: Cross Product Suite Experience Release Notes
Who will use it: HR admins 

Share Checklists 
Alice has several upcoming year-end tasks she needs to start to take care of, but she can’t start on her tasks until her coworker Harry has completed his. Luckily for her, UKG Ready now allows admins to work on a shared checklist in the readyConnect panel. She can pop open the panel and see how far along Harry is on his tasks, if he’s completed everything so she can get started on her part, and how much of the entire checklist the HR admins have completed. 

Where to find it: Cross Product Suite Experience Release Notes
Who will use it: HR admins 

 HR and Payroll 

Benefit Census Report — Dependent Information 
Javier works on the Benefits team and has been looking for a way to get dependent information on the Benefit Census report. In the past, he’s had to export both the Benefit Census report and the Dependents report and merge them outside the solution to get all the information he needs in one place. Now, using Select Columns, Javier will be able to pull dependent information columns into the Benefit Census report. He’ll be able to see all the information he needs on one screen in the system and save time and effort. 

Where to find it: HR Release Notes
Who will use it: Benefits team 

UKG Ready Learning — Adding Courses 
Peg’s organization invested in UKG Ready Learning about six months ago. So far, their experience has been great, and she loves all the new features and functionalities that come with each release. She’s most excited about the Adding courses through Scheduled Events feature coming in October. She’ll be able to use the new Learning Widget to automatically add, assign, and schedule annual courses and trainings that are required by her organization.

Where to find it: HR Release Notes
Who will use it: HR 

Workforce Management 

Time-Off Request — Team View 
Alice is planning to go on a vacation after all the stress of year-end is complete, and she is trying to figure out the best time to go. She knows that, like her, many of her teammates also will be looking to take time off. With the new Team View when requesting time off, Alice will be able to see if there will be enough coverage available during the week of her vacation. Luckily for her, Harry and Javier are taking vacation the week after she does and will be available for coverage. 

Where to find it: Timekeeping Release Notes
Who will use it: Employees and managers 

LOA Sync Time Report 
Chris is in charge of ensuring his organization remains compliant when it comes to leaves of absence and time off. He spends most of his time in the Leave Time Offs without Case report checking those, and he cannot wait for release 83, when a sync option is being added to the report. Using the new sync option, Chris will be able to quickly sync those time-off types that are not tied to a leave case on an existing case or create a brand-new one. 

Where to find it: Timekeeping Release Notes
Who will use it: HR 

Projected Balance Option 
Jensen’s organization is using Accruals 2.0,* and he has several employees who are looking to take some time off next March for their children’s spring break. Unfortunately, their accrual balance is not accurate, since their balance can be adjusted for only the 2022 accrual period. Once they have this latest enhancement, UKG Ready can look at their projected accrual balance for 2023 and make adjustments based on that, ensuring that they won’t run into this situation again. 

*If your organization is using Accruals 1.0, this feature is currently available for your organization to take advantage of.

Where to find it: Timekeeping Release Notes
Who will use it: Managers and employees 


Quick Links — Scheduler 
Dante is one of the scheduling managers at his organization, and they’ve been using Advanced Scheduler for a little over a year now. It’s truly been a lifesaver for Dante; however, he wishes he could easily edit scheduler shifts while looking at the timesheet. He could not contain his excitement when he found out that enhancement is coming in this release. Dante will be able to use quick links on the Timesheet and be taken directly to the Summary Shift by Employee report, which will allow him to edit scheduler shifts.  

Where to find it: Scheduler Release Notes
Who will use it: Managers 

Partial Shift Coverage — Scheduler 
Calum’s daughter has her first-ever ballet recital next Saturday at 5 p.m., and he could not be prouder of her. However, he was scheduled to work 12 to 6 that day. He can work the first half of his shift with no problem; it’s the second half he needs coverage for. Through the Partial Shift Coverage enhancement, he’ll be able to request coverage for the second half of his shift from 3 to 6 and still work 12 to 3. He won’t lose out on any more hours than he needs to, and he’ll still be able to attend his daughter’s recital. 

Where to find it: Scheduler Release Notes
Who will use it: Employees


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The content from this blog post is courtesy of Brad Nycz, executive relationship director and former UKG customer. Brad identifies key features in recent releases, and Amanda translates them into story form. We hope you enjoyed this article on release 83! Please stay tuned for more real-life, relatable examples about UKG Ready features in action.