Prep for ACA Season with the UKG Ready Report Rundown

A stethoscope, pen, and calculator are laid on top of a medical chart.

Welcome to the second edition of the UKG Ready® Report Rundown! This edition is all about the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

As ACA requirements continue to evolve and impact the healthcare landscape, the importance of accurate data and comprehensive reporting cannot be overstated. From ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements to identifying areas for improvement in patient care, data, and reporting, all these tasks play a critical role in the success of ACA initiatives. With compliance in mind, there is an essential update regarding electronic filing; please visit the Affordable Care Act Information Returns for more details. To help you prep for ACA season, we’re sharing some essential reports within your UKG Ready solution that will help you ensure your ACA data is accurate.

Here’s the Rundown

We know reporting ACA data accurately is vital for your business, and we're here to support you. These reports assist with auditing to make sure that your data is accurate:  

  • Employee ACA Actions report
  • ACA Data Detailed report
  • ACA Status Change History report

Let's dive in and explore them in more detail together!

Employee ACA Actions report

The Employee ACA Actions report (under HR > ACA > Employee ACA Actions) displays all employees and their assigned ACA Profile and allows you to recalculate, clear, and import historical data. Each row contains an icon that will show the employee’s ACA History.

The Last Calculated On column will populate with the same value as the ACA Data Detailed and ACA Status Change reports (i.e., the Last Calculated On date that shows on the employee's ACA Timeline). A missing date or a date more than one month out is an early indicator that something is incorrect in the employee setup and can help you identify issues well before reporting time.

Note: The Average Hours in the Current Measurement Period column will show data only for the current month. For information to populate this field, an ACA profile must be

in use and the ACA rule Average Hours in Measurement Period needs to be included in the profile.

ACA Data Detailed report

The ACA Data Detailed report (under HR > ACA > ACA Data Detailed) displays each employee and their detailed ACA history for the selected date range. Data shows as one row per employee with each ACA item displayed in the columns.

The report can be used at any point during the year to see a snapshot of the codes that will be populated in Part II of Form 1095-C. Adjust your calendar range and group by employee to see a month-by-month preview of what will be populated in Line 14, Line 15, and Line 16. You can also adjust this report so you’re only left with columns 14, 15 and 16, and then look for coding combinations that you’re not expecting.

ACA Status Change History

The ACA Status Change report (under HR > ACA > ACA Status Change) displays all status changes for employees whose status differs from the previous month, based on the selected date filter.

This report will list anyone who has experienced one of the following changes:

  • ACA Status changes from FT to PT
  • ACA Status changes from PT to FT
  • ACA Status changes from blank to FT
  • ACA Status changes from blank to PT
  • ACA Status changes from FT to blank
  • ACA Status changes from PT to blank

The report can be used to identify which employees may need to be offered benefits or who may need to have benefits revoked.

With these reports, you’ll be ready to begin auditing your ACA data! This is just the beginning as we have many more insightful resources to review. Find ACA Webinars and additional information in the UKG Ready Seasonal Resources. You can also leverage the UKG Ready ACA Manager Reporting Checklist, which is extremely useful for new filers. Last but not least, there are numerous other reports related to ACA that can be utilized for various purposes. Feel free to review them in the ACA Report Overview.

And that's a wrap on the second edition of the UKG Ready Report Rundown. Additionally, don't forget to rely on your fellow admins and experts by participating in the Ready discussion groups available in the UKG Community™. We look forward to seeing you again for the next UKG Ready Report Rundown in the Working Smarter Café!