Pop Into this Year with a New UKG Ready Release

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Can you believe we’re already a month into the new year? Have you completed any of your resolutions yet? You know what they say, new year new me…well, in this case, new enhancements! It’s almost time for our next UKG Ready® release. Our latest and greatest will be making their way to your solution later in February. Read on for a quick peek at what you can expect this release. 

Notification Preferences Report 

Have you ever wondered how your employees receive notifications sent through your solution? We’re introducing the Notification Preferences Report to help you see just that in a single place. Not only will you access how your employees receive notifications, but you’ll also see if they’ve opted out of any delivery methods. The report can be found after the release by navigating to My Reports > System Reports > System Utilities > Notification Preferences

Who will use it: Admins

Where to find it: Cross Suite Release Notes 

System Report – Dashboards 

Great news, two new system reports will also be available to add to your dashboards. Moving forward, the Global Access Report and the Two-Factor Log Request Report can be added to any of your dashboard tabs. You’ll be able to select any saved view and add data from these reports via a chart to your dashboard to quickly see digestible login information with ease.

Who will use it: Admins

Where to find it: Cross Suite Release Notes 

Corrected Timesheet Report 

Do you wish you could see all data around corrected timesheets in one place? Well, you’re in luck! Sparked from feedback and ideas given by customers on the UKG Community™, the new Corrected Timesheet Report will house all information around corrected timesheets in one singular report. The report will show: 

  • All corrected timesheets 
  • Correct timesheet processing status 
  • Pay period correct timesheets were processed in 

We know the end of the pay period can be hectic so, save some time when it comes to corrected timesheets and make sure to check out this report. 

Who will use it: Admins 

Where to find it: TLM Release Notes 

Regenerate Work Schedule Profiles 

Do you leverage our Advanced Scheduler module and schedule your employees’ future shifts out a couple of months? If you do, I’m sure you’ve run into the issue when one of your employees changes jobs within your organization or gets a promotion, and now that future schedule is inaccurate. With this release, we’re introducing a new Modify Employee Schedules page to allow admins and managers to easily update and regenerate schedules. On this page, you’ll be able to select multiple employees, multiple existing schedules based on a date range, and a work schedule profile to assign to the employee. This will override existing shift assignments and make changing those future schedules less manual and time consuming.

Who will use it: Admins and managers

Where to find it: Scheduler Release Notes 

Scheduled Earnings and Deduction Columns 

As a payroll admin, you have to navigate through several different reports to find information around what earnings deductions were scheduled vs. what deductions were taken. Coming to your solution this February, admins and managers will now be able to see information around scheduled earnings and deductions in one report. Six new columns will be available on the Earnings/Deductions/Tax Listing report and show the amounts and percentages for: 

  • Employee earnings 
  • Employee deductions 
  • Employer contributions for scheduled deductions 

Who will use it: Admins 

Where to find it: Payroll Release Notes Release Notes 

Survey Type Questions – Rankings 

Our survey offering keeps getting better with a new question type that will allow your employees to compare multiple options and rank their preferences in order. This release, we’ll add a fifth question type as well as other enhancements your surveys:. 

  • Continue to expand surveys
  • Fifth question type added 
  • Compare and arrange multiple options to put in order of preference by either dropping and dragging OR by using the tab 

Who will use it: Admins 

Where to find it: HR Release Notes 

Benefit Plan Widget – Report View  

Our final enhancement stems from a very popular Community Idea. We’re converting the Benefits Plan Widget on the Employee Profile from a table view to a report view. As an admin, you’ll gain the ability to configure a view that meets your needs and save it as opposed to always being in a table view. You’ll also be able to see the plans an employee has enrolled in and any plans they have waived at the same time. 

Who will use it: Admins 

Where to find it: Benefits Release Notes 

Please keep in mind, this is only a small snippet of what is coming in the February release. For more information on everything included, make sure to check out the release notes. 

Get the Most Out of Your Release:

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