PODCAST: Viewpoint for UKG Dimensions — Read the Story Your Data Tells


I used to say that there are two kinds of people: those who like numbers and data and those who like words and stories (with me falling in the latter category). 

But what’s incorrect or misleading about this assumption is that it neglects to acknowledge the crossover. Is there a third kind of person? Are there people who like both? Of course! And those are the UKG Dimensions™ customers who will be all about the UKG Dimensions Viewpoint engagement.

Viewpoint for UKG Dimensions: Read the Story Your Data Tells

Jose Image
In this Working Smarter Café podcast episode, Senior Principal Analytics Consultant Jose Cervantes joins me to talk about the complimentary Viewpoint engagement. We discuss how taking part helps participants uncover the narratives behind their UKG Dimensions data and pinpoints what’s working well and where there’s room for improvement. You’ll also learn the requirements for participating* and hear examples of the kinds of insights people and organizations have gleaned from working with Jose and the Viewpoint team. 

On a just-for-fun note, you’ll also find out which of these three things is NOT true about Jose: 

  1. He recreated dishes like the famous Gray’s Papaya hot dog from New York, successfully 
  2. A cruise band called him and his brother up to sing during a show
  3. He sprained both his ankles at the same time while playing basketball 

Tune in!


*Please note: You must be a UKG Dimensions customer live for at least one year with Guided or Signature Success and have a dedicated executive relationship manager to qualify for a Viewpoint engagement.