PODCAST: How to Access Your Earnings Before Pay Day with UKG Wallet


Here’s an analogy. Waiting until the end of a pay cycle for your hard-earned money can feel like approaching Go in Monopoly when most of the houses and hotels on the board aren’t yours. Tense, nail-biting, stressful. You know you’ll pass Go in two turns. What if you could collect some of that $200 now and put it to work where it’s needed? 

You can’t change the rules of the world’s most famous board game. But life doesn’t need to be this way. With UKG Wallet, you can get your hands on your income as you earn it. 



UKG Wallet: How to Access Your Earnings Before Pay Day 

Solution expert Bill Taylor joins me to talk about UKG Wallet in this Working Smarter Café podcast episode. Tune in to hear more about what UKG Wallet is, how it can alleviate financial stress, and why implementing and using it don’t cost a dime or require you to have a specific suite of UKG® solutions. 
On a just-for-fun note, you’ll also find out which of these three things is NOT true about Bill:

  1. He’s an avid golfer
  2. He spent time drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico
  3. His major in college was software engineering

Check it out!