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Over the River and Through the Woods to UKG We Go!

Visiting in Office

With Spring quickly approaching, maybe it is time to add a UKG visit to your organization’s to-do list. We can all use something to look forward to these days! Now, you may be asking yourself, “How is this possible?” or wondering “Can I really visit and meet with UKG employees?” The answer is yes! This is all made possible through our recently revamped Customer Visits program. Initially launched in 2019, our Customer Visits program aims to give customers a chance to meet with UKG executives and product support and marketing teams. We want you to be able to have “face to face” (now Zoom to Zoom) time with those who work on your solution day in and day out.   

Visiting in Office 2

What’s included in these visits? 

These visits are all about you! You set the agenda. You decide whom to meet with and what you want to talk about. The sole purpose of these visits is to benefit your organization. Think to yourself whether there is anything you’d like to speak with our product managers about. Maybe you recently implemented a new module and want to jump into the solution with one of our product managers to get in the weeds of the best tips and tricks. Or maybe you want to sit in on a roadmap overview of what’s coming. Or perhaps you just want some face-to-face time with our product teams to discuss different aspects of your solution. All of these are possible during a customer visit. 

We also invite you to participate in a Q&A session with internal teams so we can candidly hear about your experience with our products and services. We want to listen to your honest feedback about how we’re doing as an organization. We want to hear what you like and what you think we can improve. We want to explore the challenges you may be facing and answer any outstanding questions you may have. After all, we are committed to being your partner for life. 

How do I sign up? 

So, how does all this work? You want to participate, but how do you do it? 

Your first step is to fill out this Customer Visits submission form. Once that is complete, someone from UKG will contact you to begin to plan your visit further. 

Our goal at UKG for this year is to have these visits at least once a quarter. While the visits are currently virtual, we do hope we can welcome you into one of our many office locations soon! It’s important to note that your organization is not limited to visiting just our Lowell, Massachusetts, or Weston, Florida, headquarters. If your office is closer to our Indianapolis or Atlanta offices and you’d rather travel there, we are more than willing to try to make that work. 

Interested in participating? Sign up today