Nine Spook-tacular UKG Ready Enhancements You Should Be on the Lookout For!

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Brad Nycz, UKG Ready™ suite customer success manager and former customer, is back at it. He’s highlighted nine “spook-tacular” enhancements from our upcoming October release that you’re bound to love. Follow along and see how you might use these enhancements to help with your day-to-day responsibilities!


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Cross-suite Enhancements 

1. Checklist Redesign 

Megan is new to her organization. She is trying to onboard remotely, get acclimated with the UKG Ready system, and complete all of her necessary forms. Her boss asked her to fill out the new hire checklist, but she’s having difficulty finding it again. She needs to mark each task as complete and move on to the next item once she’s finished. With the latest checklist redesign, Megan will be able to see the forms she needs to complete and the checklist, simultaneously. Items will also be automatically marked as complete (when possible) so she no longer has to make sure she marks each task when she’s done. 
a. Where it is: Cross-suite release notes 
b. Who will use it: Admins and employees 

Workforce Management Enhancements 

1. Timesheet Updates 

Anne absolutely loves the new timesheet experience. However, there are some capabilities from the classic user experience she wishes had carried over — specifically the ability to allow sorting on bulk timesheet cost center columns. With the latest timesheet updates, now she can! Not only has UKG brought this ability back in the October release, but the ability to add labels/titles to icons and settings on the timesheet and the option to display up to 30 of the recently used cost centers has been introduced as well! Overall, these new updates allow Anne to complete her day-to-day tasks quicker and provide a better user experience for her organization. 
a. Where it is: TLM release notes 
b. Who will use it: Admins

2. Primary Timesheet 

Jerry’s organization is a multiple EIN company, and he oversees several different locations. When his organization implemented UKG Ready, the option to add the primary timesheet was unavailable. Unfortunately, once the primary timesheet was introduced, Jerry’s organization didn’t have access to the functionality. Now, with this latest enhancement, the primary timesheet is available to everyone, meaning Jerry’s organization can leverage the functionality! Jerry can now combine timesheets across his organization and can easily see when someone who works at a different location reaches 40 hours a week.
a. Where it is: TLM release notes 
b. Who will use it: Admins – operation leaders 

3. Manager Replacement Capabilities Introduced 

Aaron’s manager recently switched roles within their organization, and his new manager starts on Monday. Aaron had to submit some last-minute time-off requests that he needs approved ASAP. Unfortunately, this request went to his old manager. Before the October release, Aaron would either need to resubmit his request or reach out to his system admin to correct it. Now, all outstanding to-do items can easily be moved from one manager to another. Aaron’s new manager can approve his time off on Monday morning without any problem.
a. Where it is: TLM release notes 
b. Who will use it: Admins 

HCM Enhancements 

1. Engagement Surveys 

Mari is an HR admin for her organization and has been looking forward to the release of engagement surveys all year. She’s ecstatic to see that they are officially coming out in the October release. Mari’s coworker Tia asks her why she’s so excited about engagement surveys. Mari explains that with UKG Ready’s customizable templates, she can easily send out surveys to their organization. Through these surveys, Mari and the HR department can keep a pulse on employee experience and morale as well as view all the results within a report form or charts/graphs. It’s an amazing tool she can’t wait to use! 
a. Where it is: HR release notes 
b. Who will use it: HR admins and employees 

2. Org Chart Customization 

David works in HR at his organization and is widely known for being a whiz when it comes to all things org chart. If anyone has a question on org-chart functionality, he is the go-to person. When he looks at the October release notes, David is happy to see that there are several org-chart functionality enhancements. David can now update employee cards to include employee name, EIN, job title, and even picture. By customizing the org chart and adding in this necessary information, it’s easy to make sure David and his colleagues are on the same page about which employee they may be discussing, regarding things like compensation and succession planning. 
a. Where it is: HR release notes 
b. Who will use it: Admins and employees

3. Ability to See Notes Collected via Notification in Custom Form Workflow

Francis has a new hire starting remotely in a couple of weeks and needs to ship a laptop to him. With this latest enhancement, Francis can add a note to the custom form process and alert IT about his new hire’s remote status and mailing address. 
a. Where it is: HR release notes 
b. Who will use it: Admins and managers 

4. New Hire (Exported Employees) Report Added at Company Level

A big part of Clara’s job is reporting new hires to her supervisor, who then reports new hire information them to the state. As her organization begins to hire more and more people, she’s found it increasingly hard to keep up with manually pulling a new hire report and sending it over. With this enhancement, Clara can now automatically run a report of all new hires and mail the report to her supervisors. This saves Clara time and helps ensure her organization remains compliant. 
a. Where it is: HR release notes 
b. Who will use it: Admins 

5. Offer Assignment and Applicant Signature 

Kelly works on the talent acquisition (TA) team at her organization. She loves all the enhancements made to the recruitment workspace and offer letters, and this release brings even more offer-letter functionality for the TA team! Kelly can now assign offer letters to internal and external applicants. Those applicants can now view their offer-letter solution, download the offer letter as a PDF, and even accept or decline the offer directly within the UKG Ready solution. What makes this even better? Kelly can track the status of these offer letters in one place since the entire process is housed within UKG Ready. 
a. Where it is: HR release notes 
b. Who will use it: Admins and applicants 

Where to Learn More

Inside Innovation Webinar: Join us as we highlight how UKG Ready can: 

  • Help you easily ramp up recruiting efforts for the seasonal hiring push
  • Prep for the holiday workload with enhanced scheduling capabilities
  • Support annual merit planning and budgeting with compensation management
  • Streamline the delivery of W-2s and 1099 HCs as your employees prepare for tax season

UKG Works Surveys Session: Surveys can be a great way to get a finger on the pulse of your employees’ overall satisfaction and your organization’s culture, but things like frequency, length, and the questions being asked play a big part in how effective your surveys will be. In this session, we’ll provide tips on how to create surveys that get you the best results and share how UKG Ready can help.

Register in person or virtually for UKG Works today! 



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The content from this blog post is courtesy of Brad Nycz, customer success manager and former UKG customer. Brad identifies key features in recent releases, and Amanda translates them into story form. We hope you enjoyed this article on release 77! Please stay tuned for more real-life, relatable examples about UKG Ready features in action.