New Year, New Ways to Leverage UKG Ready

UKG Ready eBook

It’s safe to say no one saw 2020 coming. Although it was a challenging year, it was also filled with immense change and growth. Because of this, we’re all working to understand how the new world of work fits into our 2021 plans. While you’re making your resolutions for the new year, consider adding “leveraging all the features UKG Ready has to offer” to the list. Our UKG Product Resources eBook can help you do just that.


UKG Ready eBook


Utilize all your solution has to offer

This eBook explains how you can utilize product features you already have in your solution to help support your organization through the ongoing pandemic. It is split into the following six sections: 

  • Keep Your On-Site Employees Safe
  • Support Your Remote Workforce
  • Align with New Policies
  • Improve Processes 
  • Additional Tools for Both On-Site and Remote Employees 
  • When You’re Ready to Start Hiring Again 

Each section details several features you can leverage to make adjusting to this new world of work easier. Some of these features include:

  • Attestation 
  • E-Signatures 
  • Tracking Leave Trends 
  • Back-to-Work Dashboard

 Find out how you can use the features to meet your needs and get additional information on properly enabling or setting them up. The eBook also links to several knowledge base articles in the UKG Kronos Community, blog posts, and webinars that describe the features in depth and take you through configuring them step-by-step. 

Make sure you don’t miss out on this amazing resource. You can download a copy of our UKG Ready Product Features eBook here

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