New Year, New Release! Get Ready for the Dimensions R9 Update 2 Release

Dimensions Release 2

Welcome to 2023! While many are gearing up to embark on their New Year’s resolutions, the latest UKG Dimensions® release — R9 Update 2 — is making its way to your solutions. Fresh features and enhancements are en route from January through March 2023, which means it’s time to get prepared for the latest updates! Read on for preparation tips, feature sneak peaks, and important information to set you up for release success.

Your release readiness toolbox

When it comes to being release ready, we have all the resources you need housed on the UKG Dimensions Release Readiness page. If you haven’t checked this page out before, now is the perfect time to become familiar with it. Bookmark it, send it to your team, or keep it among the never-ending group of open tabs in your browser — because this is your one-stop shop for all things Dimensions-release related. Here are the key links you’ll want to pay attention to on the page: 

  • Trust Site – This is a personalized page within the UKG Kronos Community that provides visibility into the uptime and availability of your solution. You’ll be able to see when your solution is scheduled to receive releases in both your non-production and production environment. (Pro tip: Users must be subscribed to receive email notifications from the Trust Site, which you can learn more about here.) 
  • R9 Update 2 release webinar – Hosted by our product experts, this is a webinar you won’t want to miss. Our team will be diving into a few key features that will be delivered in the R9 Update 2. Register to join us on Tuesday, January 31, at 2:00 p.m. ET for this learning opportunity. 
  • Dimensions WFM discussion group – Whether you’re a Dimensions veteran or a new user, you can be sure to find tips, tricks, and more within the discussion group. Dimensions users from all around the globe are collaborating and helping each other maximize their solution in this forum every day. Pop in with a question or a piece of advice — the conversation awaits! 
  • Release Readiness overview guide – Looking for a guide to understand the release process? We have your back. The release overview guide will give you a general sense of what to expect and how to prepare. (Pro tip: This guide can also be found on the Release Readiness page.) 

Say hello to these R9 Update 2 features 

Multiple forecast week start days – When businesses have multiple locations, start days can vary. Customers who implement the multiple forecast week start days feature will have the ability to configure different forecast week start days at any level on the business structure, down to the site, under a single root. This will support customers who have locations with multiple forecast week start days. 

Human Resource Service Delivery (HRSD) Integration Employee Document Tile – Making sure that your employees can manage important documentation is critical. With the upcoming Employee Document Tile, you’ll be giving your employees more opportunities in your solution by allowing them to upload, download, and preview documents within Dimensions. (Note: Users must have Workforce Dimensions and HRSD entitlements to access this feature.) 

Proactive Guidance dataviews – We’re excited to share that we’ll be enhancing the Proactive Guidance feature with a new capability: dataviews. The new enhancement to this feature will give managers access to a dataview where they can view all the punch notifications sent to employees using the Proactive Guidance feature. With this new capability, managers will be able to use the notification data to analyze trends over time and see if employee punching habits are improving. 

We’re excited to ring in the new year with these features (and more)! Head over to the Release Readiness page to look at our Feature Highlights for more R9 Update 2 features and enhancements. And don’t forget to register for the release webinar! There’s no day like today to be release ready.