New to Working Smarter Café: Serving Up UKG Pro Content

Welcome Pro

What a wild ride this past year has been! All of us at UKG joined people the world over in banding together through the global pandemic — all while we also figured out how to band together as a newly merged company. We’ve made some big changes to the way we do things and have been working hard to carry ourselves and our customers through this transitionary time, preserving the customer experience we offered at our legacy companies while striving to enhance it as we grow. 


Welcome Pro


One of the areas in which we’re excited to branch out is here on the Working Smarter Café blog. Moving forward, you’ll start seeing a lot more content and UKG Pro™ documentation on the site, right alongside the same types of resources you see for your UKG Ready™ and UKG Dimensions™ products. Check back frequently and make sure you subscribe to be notified when there are new stories posted for you to explore.

We also want to make sure you’re making the most of the other opportunities available to you for knowledge and learning. Have you taken advantage of the following? Please note, if you’re not logged in to the UKG Ultimate Community, you may be asked to enter your credentials when accessing the links that follow.

UKG Ultimate Community: The Community is where our customers learn and help each other be successful with UKG Pro. If you’re not already signed up, this guide can give you a simple overview of how it works and how you can best find what you need.

The Learning Center: An educational subsite that lives in the UKG Ultimate Community and serves as the destination for product documentation, job aids, tutorials, instructional videos, and so much more. It’s packed full of resources to help you effectively self-serve and navigate your solution, and it provides vital information on upcoming releases. 

UltiUniversity: Wondering how a certain functionality works in your UKG Pro solution? There’s a course for that. UltiUniversity offers self-paced and instructor-led lesson modules on the full UKG suite of products. This introductory tutorial shows you how to navigate the system and register for classes.

UKG Experience: Ever wish you could test-drive your solution and practice using features before making them live for the rest of your organization? The UKG Experience lets you do just that. Head there now to start exploring. 

Customer Communications Center: We want to make sure you never miss important information about your UKG Pro product. To help, we host all the emails our Customer Communications team has sent you over the past 90 days in an online archive in the UKG Ultimate Community. You can access it by hovering over your name in the top-right corner of the screen and selecting Customer Communications Center > My Newswires. If you’d like to edit your email preferences, you can do so here.

We can’t wait to start sharing with you. If you’d like to weigh in on the kinds of content and stories you’d like to see here in the future, head to our survey form and leave your feedback. We love hearing from you.