New UKG Ultimate Community Leader Program: 2022 Winners Announced

Ultimate Community Leaders

We're excited to announce our new UKG® Ultimate Community Leader program! This program focuses on recognizing and rewarding customers who've had an exceptional presence in the UKG Ultimate Community over the past 12 months. These customers are our most active engagers — responding to fellow customers' questions, inspiring others with their stories, and sharing their experiences, tips, and tricks. This year's UKG Ultimate Community Leaders have been selected, and the results are in! We want to give special congratulations to the following:

  • Sharon Hower
  • Kalyn Joyce
  • Amber Soto
  • Sean Hartwell
  • Kelsey Nicholson
  • Natalie Nieman
  • Karine Bido
  • William Yiu
  • Scott Castleberry
  • Kathryn Martin

Our UKG Ultimate Community Leader program highlights outstanding customers who help other community users by proactively sharing knowledge and documentation and assisting customers with finding workable solutions for their UKG Pro® products. 

Community Manager Monica Shroff on the importance of UKG Ultimate Community Leaders:

"Our 2022 UKG Community Leaders never stop engaging — from reaching out and being helpful to new members to sharing resources and providing detailed and thoughtful answers to hundreds of customers. They are product experts who enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience and strive to create workable solutions for fellow UKG Pro users. These leaders ensure our Community is a valuable place to go for quick answers and inspiration and are critical to the Community's success. We are extremely appreciative of the role they play in making Community the powerful resource it is."

Thanks again to all our 2022 UKG Ultimate Community Leaders for helping to make the Community a place where members can get the answers they need and build the connections they're looking for.