New UKG Ready Enhancements Bound to Make a Splash this August

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Can you believe we’re already talking about the UKG Ready® August release?! This year is truly flying by. Brad Nycz, UKG Ready Executive Relationship Director and a former customer himself, has done it once again! He’s chosen six upcoming enhancements from the August release you won’t want to miss out on. Check them out below.

Broadcast Communicator Access 

We’ve made several updates to our Broadcast Communicator functionality in the past couple releases and August is no different! This release we’re introducing the ability to create and send a message directly from the header. Now, you can utilize the broadcast communicator functionality and view broadcast messages anywhere in the system, regardless of the page you’re on. If you have not checked out this functionality before, we highly encourage you do. 

Where to find it: Suite Experience Release Notes

Who will use it: Managers and Admins

Time Summary Benchmark 

Coming to our People Insights module – the Time Summary Benchmark – is an exciting new feature that allows your managers to look at the amount of overtime their employees are working and validate it against industry data. Through the Time Summary Benchmark in this release, you can use your solution to compare both Overtime hours worked on average, and Training hours worked on average last month to the UKG Proprietary Dataset. 

Where to find it: Suite Experience Release Notes

Who will use it: Managers  

Employee to Employee Accrual Donations 

This release brings along a highly anticipated feature, Employee to Employee Accrual Donations! In our April release we introduced the capability for your employees to donate their accrued paid time off (PTO) to a company-wide accruals bank. In this release, we’re building off that functionality to give your employees the choice to donate their PTO directly to another employee who may need it. 

Where to find it: TLM Release Notes

Who will use it: Employees  

Payroll Comparison Report Additions 

Last month, we introduced our Payroll Comparison report and we know many of you have been taking advantage of it. This release we’re continuing to add to the report’s functionality and payroll admins can look forward to the following additions: 

  • The ability to drill down to the pay statements to see what is causing the variance 
  • Filtering by EIN 
  • List “Compare From” and “Compare To” payrolls in the report header 

Where to find it: Payroll Release Notes 

Who will use it: PayrollAdmins 

Employee Benefits Enrollment Refresh

If you attended our 2023 Virtual UKG Huddle in June, this next enhancement will come as no surprise! We’re introducing a refreshed employee benefits enrollment experience this release that will bring a change to the end-user experience. But, don’t worry, this is nothing to fret about. The configuration portion of your benefits plan will not change. Ultimately, this refreshed experience will make the benefit election process easier for your employees. You can look forward to new Benefit Plan Cards, a You and Your Family Page, and a Selected Benefit Summary Card.

Where to find it: HR Release Notes 

Who will use it: Employees and HR 

Cost Center Updates – Turnover Rates 

Our final enhancement from the August release we’ll cover today focuses on enhancements to the Turnover Rates by Cost Center report. A new toggle has been added to the report (and in the filter section) that will give admins the ability to populate all cost center levels on the report. This will allow admins to look at turnover rates at different levels, compare turnover rates between departments, managers, etc., and truly provides a deeper understanding of why an organization may have a turnover issue. 

Where to find it: HR Release Notes 

Who will use it: HR Admins

It’s important to keep in mind that this is only a quick snapshot of some enhancements coming in the August release. For a full overview of everything being delivered, be sure to check out the August Release Notes. 

For more information on the UKG Ready Release Resources available make sure to check out this blog! 

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