New Public Safety Scheduling Differentiator: UKG TeleStaff Extra Duty Events Module

Extra Duty

Parades, marathons, sporting events, and other community happenings are an integral part of every neighborhood. They drive community engagement and revenue while providing the added benefit of building relationships between people and their public safety organizations. These events would not be as successful — or safe — without the dedication of our police, fire, and emergency medical services (EMS) public servants.

As summer comes to a close and fall arrives, these extra duty events will become much more commonplace. With more events comes more complexity in managing them. Not only do public safety personnel need to be deployed based on their certifications, availability, and preferences for overtime, but the cost tracking and reimbursement process for police, fire, and EMS organizations also poses significant challenges.

Extra Duty

Extra duty scheduling drives significant problems when relying on manual systems and paper trails. Emails, phone calls, arduous approval processes, and last-minute modifications prove frustrating for event coordinators and staff alike. With an automated solution like the UKG TeleStaff Extra Duty Events™ module, public safety organizations can streamline the extra duty event requisition process, creating schedules that are best suited for the department and their budget. A solution such as this proactively builds schedule recommendations based on operational demand, required skills, and compliance rules that can be paired with the availability and preferences of employees. When the module is bundled with UKG TeleStaff™, customers can also view regular duty schedules alongside extra duty schedules, so leaders have true visibility into ALL employee duties.

The UKG TeleStaff Extra Duty Events solution helps manage extra duty events by:

  • Making intelligent staffing decisions — Gain real-time visibility into accurate people data and staffing demands with a centralized location to keep track of events. You can also enable managers to make intelligent decisions on the fly and build schedules that meet the needs of citizens and the department.
  • Minimizing compliance risks — Automatically identify staff based on predefined criteria so you can offer the right person the shift. You’re automatically notified if scheduling actions violate established rules, so you can make changes and maintain compliance.
  • Empowering your people — Empower your officers with self-service tools to let them be more autonomous and to make the scheduling process more transparent. With the Extra Duty Events module, your people can pick up open shifts — all from a desktop or a mobile device— based on their qualifications.

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