The New Home Experience is Coming Soon — Review This Helpful Checklist to Ensure You’re Prepared

New Home Experience

By now you’ve probably heard about the New Home Experience coming to your UKG™ Dimensions solution. While the experience is ready and available for you to start using today if you’d like (just toggle it on!), you currently still have the option to keep using the existing experience — but only for a little while longer. Once the R9 release is applied to your solution, the New Home Experience will become permanent. Some of you have already adopted the new experience and are using it daily. If you haven’t yet, you have time to get familiar with it and get your teams prepared for its delivery with R9. And don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a New Home checklist that’ll ensure you’re ready! 

New Home Experience

So, let’s do a little Q&A about these upcoming changes... 

What’s coming? 

The UKG™ Dimensions New Home Experience — featuring an updated look, enhanced navigation menu, and redesigned tiles. Once applied, you will no longer be able to toggle back and use the current home version; the New Home will become the permanent experience. 

When’s it happening? 

The experience will be delivered and applied to your solution with the R9 release (July - September). We encourage you to take advantage of this time before the release to prepare. 

How do I prepare? 

To help you make the most of this period and ensure you and your teams are fully prepared for a smooth transition to the home changes, we’ve put together the New Home checklist — that includes important steps to take and links to helpful resources. Take a look at the checklist below, and then click here to download and share it with your people. 

What if I have questions? 

If you have questions about these upcoming changes, post them in the Dimensions WFM or Dimensions HCM group for your fellow users or UKG product experts to answer.