Navigating UKG: A Brief Guide to Maximizing Videos


Embarking on Your Journey 

In today’s business world, staying a step ahead with the latest technology tools is more than a choice—it's a necessity. For organizations navigating UKG solutions, the UKG Community™ University is your map for in-depth discoveries. But sometimes, you might just want a snapshot—a quick overview before deciding to trek deeper. Here's where the "Maximizing Videos" become your trusty compass. 

Quick Glimpses: Maximizing Videos 

Maximizing Videos provide concise, curated demos tailored to provide you with a swift yet thorough overview of UKG offerings. Guided by the experts behind these solutions, each video serves as an interactive trail, highlighting features and functionalities from different user perspectives—from end-user to administrator. 

Tours Customized for Every User 

The Maximizing Videos cover a wide array of topics across the UKG product suite. Here's an example of what you can expect:  

People Center (HR): Administrator, Manager, and Employee Self-Service  

This specific video is your gateway to understanding the potential of employee and manager self-service within the UKG Pro People Center (HR) solution. It unveils the advantages of features that lead you through key aspects from streamlined processes and security protocols to business processes and workflow integrations. 

Convenient Navigation 

No more sifting through endless content. Every video is equipped with a clear table of contents, allowing you to quickly focus on what interests you most and bypass the familiar terrains. 

Community Maximizing Videos Image


Connect with Community 

Accessing these Maximizing Videos is a breeze. They’re available within the UKG Community, giving you a one-stop hub for formal training resources and bite-sized insights. It's worth noting that while the videos offer a quick overview, they can also serve as a great starting point for deciding which areas of the product you'd like to explore further through the University’s more extensive training programs. 

Charting Your Path Forward 

In a world where every moment counts, the Maximizing Videos stand as invaluable guides. They help you gain a prompt yet profound understanding of what lies within the UKG product offerings, enabling you to prioritize your explorations.