Maximize Your UKG Dimensions Investment by Understanding Everything It Has to Offer

Dimensions Adoption Insights

Congratulations! Your organization has successfully implemented UKG Dimensions and gone through training, and employees and managers are using the application in their everyday processes. UKG Dimensions is a comprehensive workforce management solution with a multitude of features available for both timekeeping and scheduling. Fortunately, the application is intuitive and easy to learn, but since it’s a new application for your organization, you may be unsure of all that Dimensions has to offer.

Adoption Insights Dimensions

That being the case, it can be beneficial to do a periodic review to ensure you are maximizing your investment and getting the most value out of Dimensions. For the timekeeping side of the house, UKG offers an Adoption Insights Review. This meeting is led by your Executive Relationship Manager and may include a product specialist, as well, for a deeper dive into configuration questions. Keeping aligned with your organization’s business goals and objectives, the meeting involves a targeted discussion focused on the key features your organization is using today, as well as on features that are available but are not yet being utilized. 

Each of the timekeeping features is organized into five value categories that are at the forefront of many UKG customers’ goals and focus. Thinking in terms of value categories helps us understand which features can best help your company attain its specific goals. These categories are as follows: 

Adoption Insights

  • Control Costs
  • Improve Business Outcomes
  • Increase Engagement
  • Maintain Compliance
  • Save Time

If your leadership is focused on controlling costs, you may be using some of the features in this value category, like Delegate Authority or Sign Off Restrictions, but not yet have put the Justify Missing Time feature to use. Each of these features helps with cost reduction by improving productivity through automating manual processes like keeping inaccurate timecards from being approved or highlighting missing time that needs approval or justification. Additionally, if increasing engagement is one of your organization’s goals, you may be using the Timecard Tile and Punch Tile while missing out on the My Time Off Tile. All of these features increase engagement by putting data and actionable steps for activities like reviewing timecards and requesting time off front and center on employees’ home pages. These features make it easy for employees to engage with the product and quickly obtain information they need to manage timecards, punches, and PTO. 

These form just a small sampling of the many features offered through Dimensions. A few others to think about are:

  • Late Arrivals Dataview, which provides metrics on the number of productive hours lost due to late arrivals. The data can be drilled down to the department and employee levels and can help managers and employees see how late punches add up to lost productivity.
  • Guided Time-Off Approval allows managers and approvers to review time in the context of additional constraints like employee accrual balances or additional employees who are off during the requested PTO time frame. This feature saves leaders time by making it easy to see whether time -off requests can be approved or need to be denied. 
  • Missed Punch Attestation helps maintain legal compliance by identifying missed punches or unexcused absences so employees can correct their time before the end of the pay period. 

Workforce management is a journey, and adopting all that this application has to offer can take time. As a Dimensions customer, you might find both that the Feature Adoption Review is an option for you through your ERM and that it can be key to ensuring your organization is getting the most out of the solution. Reach out to your ERM to determine if your organization is eligible for an Adoption Insights Review and if the time is right to schedule a meeting!