Making Payroll Easier – One Service at a Time


As a payroll services customer, you already know there are great benefits included when you have the payroll services team on your side. From increasing payroll efficiencies to reducing operating expenses, making the most out of your payroll processing is important. And you know that there is so much more to processing payroll than clicking a “complete” button. Discover these not-so-secret benefits the UKG Payroll Services team provides you in the post-payroll process that give you peace of mind that the payroll processing is complete.



1) Tax Filing and Payments

Handling a large number of tax codes is no easy feat. Between jurisdictional changes, legislative changes, payments, filing, and more, with UKG Payroll services, you don’t have to worry about tracking without help!

UKG Payroll Services prepares and files all quarterly and annual federal, state, and local payroll tax forms. We also research and respond to agency inquiries and tax notices and prepare and file amended returns as requested (additional fees apply). 

And the best part of all this? Because of our seamless integration with the UKG Ready™ and UKG Dimensions™ HCM solutions, all tax returns* (tax packages) can be found right in the application under Tax Documents. 
*This includes W-2 and 1099 filing.

2) Direct Deposit

By having UKG Payroll Services manage the transmission of payments to employees, you can cross employee direct deposits off your list.

Additionally, employees can view their direct deposit advice in the UKG Ready and Dimensions HCM solutions. Having access to their statements at the tip of their fingers benefits them in so many ways — think about tax season or even for those interested in taking out loans. Employees can easily pull up and download their pay history on the spot! Upon request, direct deposit advices can be printed using pressure stock forms with advanced security features.

3)  SmartCheck™

Avoid the headache of issuing paper checks and the stress of reconciling bank accounts and payroll ledgers. SmartCheck allows for employee checks to be drawn from a UKG Payroll Services bank account, and the check statuses can be viewed at any time right within your solution. SmartCheck offers the opportunity to offset tedious administrative tasks by reconciling bank account and payroll ledgers and tracking stale-dated checks and return funds. 

4) Vendor Payments 

Ensuring that your employees are being paid is always the top priority for you, but providing your vendors and agencies with their payments is equally important. Imagine payroll processing is complete, and you begin working on a new project. While your focus is entirely on the project, you forget to pay one of your agencies for employee garnishments. The challenges that could arise from a missed payment are not something you want to think about. 

UKG Payroll Services processes electronic payments or prints paper checks for third-party payments based on authorized agency, court orders, or vendor records, including child/family support, tax levy, creditor garnishment, bankruptcy, and student loan repayment. Payments are all driven by the configuration found in the solution. 
*Vendor payments are always drawn off your company’s bank account.  

5) Check Printing and Distribution

UKG Payroll Services also prints pay vouchers for employees. Pay vouchers are printed on pressure stock forms with advanced security features. We then distribute them based on your indicated instructions and on the delivery policies in the system. This includes delivery to a single location, multiple locations, or even directly to your employees’ addresses. With tracking links available for your delivery, you’ll always know where your vouchers are until they are received by you, your organization, or your employees, keeping you at ease. 

6) New Hire Reporting

When enrolled in New Hire Reporting with UKG Payroll Services, we configure your reporting state information, and all new employee records will automatically be selected to include on the report when they are added to the solution. Once the report is sent, the system automatically unchecks them to avoid being reported on more than once. No more comparative reports to see whose information was already sent — phew! We also provide error reports for missing data, allowing you to quickly correct employee records. 

As a payroll services customer, you can see if you are benefiting from all of the services listed above! In your UKG Ready or Dimensions HCM system, navigate to Global Setup> Payroll Services Setup> Service Settings and view what you have currently enabled. 

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