Make UKG Dimensions Changes With Confidence

Project Team

You've made the switch to UKG Dimensions, so what comes next?

Now it's time to shift your focus to managing changes to your Workforce Management Solution 24/7 and maintaining what your team has worked so hard to implement.  Changes to your UKG Dimensions solution can come from:

  • Federal, state, municipal & city-specific labor law changes
  • Changes to paid FMLA and sick leave
  • New coprorate policies
  • Union contract negotiations
  • Opening new locations
  • Acquisitions, mergers, and divestitures of new locations/business units
  • COVID related business changes

It is also your responsibility, as a UKG customer, to validate every UKG release and update to ensure your employees do not feel any changes impacts.

Improve your UKG Dimensions system, through releases, while proactively mitigating any change risk

The changes you make can potentially cause disruptions to your business and your employee paychecks.  Proactively validating changes before they impact your employees permits active validation and changes before they impact your employees and organization, ensuring your maximize the value of your WFM investment.

It is best practice to have a continuous testing program in place to verify each change to your WFM system.  Through testing comprehensively and continuously you can be confident you are paying your employees correctly and remaining in compliance.


What continuous Testing Can Do For your Organization

  • Respond to Business & Policy Changes Faster: with continual-changing policies, labor laws, and business driven changes
  • Easily Accept UKG Releases & Updates: accept releases & updates without disruption, while taking advantage of new functionality
  • Make WFM changes with confidence: with continued payment of your people, correctly while maintaining compliance


How to Enable Continuous Testing

  • Test Case Library & Pre-Built Automations: Library and automations quickly and easily setup regression tests (no coding needed).
  • Maintain Your Automations: Consistent as each update and release is made available
  • Run Automated Test Cases Regularly: every month run your test cases so they are always ready for you
  • Automated Monitoring & Alerts: Respond to issues, only upon begin notified so you are always fully monitoring proactively

Automated testing platforms like enable UKG Dimensions you to test your software solution continuously, so you can make changes an accept UKG releases with confidence.

Working Together

The content of this blog is courtesy of UKG Partner, TestAssure, helping UKG Dimensions customers with their comprehensive automated testing platform that enables UKG Dimensions customers the ability to test their UKG Dimensions solution continuously, so they can make changes and accept UKG releases with confidence.  To learn more about our partnership, visit their marketplace profile page.