Make Better Healthcare Staffing Decisions with These UKG Dimensions Reports

Healthcare Staffing

“Reporting is critical for running our business.” These are the wise words of Daniel Baez, Director of Applications at Bergen New Bridge Medical Center. 

And he’s right. Healthcare managers must continuously adjust their staffing plans based on callouts, new admissions, the demand for care due to COVID-19, and many more factors. Reporting capabilities in UKG Dimensions provide the data needed to keep up with the ever-evolving landscape and make informed decisions about staffing. Healthcare staffing can feel like a merry-go-round, but the features in these reports will help you find a clear path forward. 

Coverage Variance by Zone:

  • What it isThe Coverage Variance by Zone report shows schedule count, planned count, and variance by span and by job. 
  • When to use it — Use The Coverage Variance by Zone report to see a quick and simple view of the units where you are over- or understaffed. The option for weekly and monthly formats also allows for long-term planning. We consolidated the weekly and monthly reports so you can choose to view your desired time frame in one report, rather than pulling two separate reports.

Coverage Variance by Zone

Staffing Plan by Zone:

  • What it isThe Staffing Plan by Zone report allows you to see who is scheduled for each job in each schedule zone or across all zones. It also includes coverage numbers for each job group in the location and provides some hours per patient day data.
  • When to use it — Use this report when you need to “rightsize” or make sure staffing ratios are maintained. The data will help you ensure the proper mix of experience for each of your units, so patients are provided with top-quality care. 

Staffing Plan by Zone

Staffing by Zone:

  • What it isThe Staffing by Zone report provides a view of staff assignments, first by location, then by zone. 
  • When to use it — Use this report when you want to see planned and scheduled counts for each job or the hours that scheduled employees worked in a particular zone. It’s also great for multi-site facilities that want a big-picture breakdown of staffing assignments for each site. 

Staffing By Zone

Location Schedule with Coverage:

  • What it isThe Location Schedule with Coverage report provides a view of 1) scheduled employees by job with pay codes, 2) scheduled counts for each job by day, and 3) counts for pay codes by day. 
  • When to use it — Use this report when you want to see location and zone information for staff across time. You can choose the number of weeks you’d like to see. The display allows you to see up to six weeks on one page. 

Location Schedule with Coverage

BONUS! Reports Available in Release 7

UKG Dimensions Release 7 has three exciting Healthcare Analytics reports that will further empower nurse managers and floor directors: 

  • Department Actuals. This report will allow managers to compare actual vs. scheduled time and assist in reporting on compliance standards.  
  • Productivity. This will allow managers to review staffing levels and show what the percentage of productivity will be during a certain time frame. 
  • Work Unit Hyperfind. Managers will be able to run configurable reports based on their employee groups, in addition to setting the hyperfind to look for a single department or all departments. 

How to Learn More

Please check out the release notes to learn more about the Release 7 reports when they are available next month. For additional information about the Coverage Variance by Zone, Staffing Plan by Zone, Staffing by Zone, and Location Schedule with Coverage reports, follow these links to Online Help articles:

You can also reach out to your customer success manager if you have any questions, or if you want to talk more about the UKG Dimensions R7 release. We’d love to hear from you!