Luck Has Nothing To Do with Your Employee Engagement

Ready Employee Engagement

Gauging where your employees stand should never be left up to luck. Gathering employee feedback on how they feel about the workplace and their managers, or on what motivates them, should be done diligently. In a world like we are living in today, where there are so many unknowns, open and honest feedback from your employees is invaluable. Whether the feedback is regarding return-to-office policies, life-work balance, or even the types of benefits you offer, you can use different types of surveys to gather this feedback and bring it to life. 

Surveys can help you plan to achieve your strategic goals and execute your retention strategy. Let’s look at the most common types of surveys:

  • Engagement surveys are a traditional way to understand what’s engaging or disengaging your people.
  • Pulse surveys can enhance your formal engagement survey and provide consistent and recent feedback outside of your standard survey period. 
  • Manager Effectiveness Index surveys provide insight into whether managers are helping to meet organizational goals and taking account of the well-being of their employees.
  • With people leaving their jobs in record numbers, you might want to consider the latest trend coming out of the Great Resignation, stay interviews. Stay interviews proactively provide a fresh perspective when it comes to employee retention. 

In research conducted by The Workforce Institute, 86% of employees feel people are not heard fairly or equally at their workplace. Surveys offer you the opportunity to give your employees a voice in the organization. And it’s no secret that when they are being heard, employees are more engaged and effective in their work. It’s not just about being heard at a particular point in time, but rather the importance lies in continuous listening from managers, leaders, and executive teams. Of course, probably the most important factor of the survey results is how leaders follow through with those results. 

You may be wondering how you can easily conduct a survey and get it into the hands of your employees. Well, we’ve uncovered a pot of gold for you! Using your UKG Ready™ or UKG Dimensions™ human capital management (HCM) solution, you can build and deploy different types of surveys to gather your employees’ feedback.* This leaves you with less stress in finding a single place for your employees to submit their feedback and with little worry about making sure you have an email address to send the survey to, and employees can complete the survey at the touch of a finger using the mobile app. 

The survey functionality is broken down into four different tabs. The Survey Designer is where you will build the survey questions and provide the settings, such as making the survey anonymous. The Survey Logic tab allows you to configure logic in your survey questions and answers, such as conditional questions. If you want to see how the survey will look to an employee completing it, you can use the Test Survey tab to view your survey before publishing it for completion. And finally, the Translation tab allows you to translate your survey into other languages, including Dutch, French, Spanish, and English.

You can start from scratch and enter your own survey questions, or you’ll be pinching yourself when you discover three predefined survey templates to choose from: a pulse survey, a standard engagement survey, and a Manager Effectiveness Index survey. If the template doesn’t quite match what you’re looking for, it can be edited to fit your needs. As we know, feedback isn’t always the easiest thing to obtain, so your surveys can be set as anonymous, opening the door for your employees to feel comfortable sharing their true, honest feelings. 


Ready Survey

Once your survey has closed, you can view the responses and analyze the results. The survey results report will show the responses in a high-level graph view to make analyzing the data easy and visually appealing. You can then dig deeper by looking at the detailed responses. For those surveys submitted anonymously, you will be able to dive into the results but not see who submitted the specific answers. Then you can use the magic of the survey results to shape your company culture and policies or make the positive changes your employees thrive for. 

At the end of the double rainbow, you’ll find some great training resources to help you dive into the survey functionality further. 

UKG Dimensions HCM customers — You can check out the upcoming four-part Learning Live series featuring the survey tools. Each of the sessions will focus on one facet of the tool, based on user role. The first session, Developing the Survey as an Administrator, will be held on May 17 at 4 p.m. ET. Dimensions HCM users can register in KnowledgeMap™ Live now! 

UKG Ready customers — Access the Learning Center for a self-paced walkthrough of the survey functionality. The Engagement Surveys course walks you through the basics of how to configure surveys and survey questions, assigning the surveys to your employees, and viewing the results. The course also takes a look at the employee experience of the survey functionality. Access the Learning Center from your UKG Ready menu and navigate to the My Info tab> Help> Learning Center. Once there, search for the keyword “survey” and select the Employee Surveys course to enroll. 

It’s time to reduce the number of shenanigans causing you stress and to gather feedback from an employee survey. Then turn that valuable input into actionable results to help your employees become your lucky charms!

*Survey functionality is available as part of the HR module.