Kronos User Spotlight: Kristine Kratschmer

Kristine Kratschmer

The Kronos User Spotlight program is designed to discover and connect the people who use Kronos regularly in their day-to-day jobs. Today, we hear from Kristine Kratschmer of Trilogy Excursions. Trilogy Excursions is a family-owned business in Maui that consists of three divisions: Trilogy Excursions, Lanai Ocean Sports Management, and Lanai City Service. Trilogy Excursions is the largest part of the business that manages snorkeling and other water excursions on Maui and has been in business for 47 years.

Kristine Kratschmer

Name: Kristine Kratschmer
Company: Trilogy Excursions
Product: Workforce Ready
Role: Director of Human Resources
Experience with Kronos: 20+ years (various versions of Kronos at multiple organizations)
Kronos Community Name kristine.kratschmer13054

Product features and functionality: What Kristine is most excited about

Mobile: All our staff at Trilogy Excursions are using the mobile application, a game changer and deciding factor in the selection of Workforce Ready. Now, our users can log in, enter time, and access all their information in a single source, right from their smartphone.

Reporting: Prior to Workforce Ready, reporting was a time-consuming manual process. Each report had to be requested, and we had to wait for the results. Now, we can log in and access the data in minutes, which has allowed us to track labor costs, certifications, and licenses in real time. We use the charts and graphs in the new UI to check OT reports and pending hours worked. It helps our scheduling team manage trips, as we often have last-minute additions or cancellations. (This was pre-pandemic. There are very few trips going out now.) One report that I refer to frequently is a Prep report that displays the current timesheets grouped by department. It’s a good flash report to check on hours worked so far and who is missing punches. For HR, I like to use the Benefit Reconcile report to confirm who is on benefits compared with what we are being billed for from all the carriers. I also add columns to this report to include census information (salary, etc.) to provide to our carriers on a periodic basis. We even have a birthday report!

Single Sign-On (SSO): It was critical for us that users have a single point of entry and not have to manage multiple usernames and passwords. With Workforce Ready, everyone logs on once and they are in. No more forgetting where to go or having to reset a password. 

Payroll: What used to be a three-full-day affair to run payroll is now done in a single day within three to four hours. This has freed up valuable staff time and allowed us to focus our resources on other things.

Resources: What Kristine can’t live without

Kronos Community and Customer Success — I use the Kronos Community frequently and find it’s a great resource to do a search. Fellow customers are so kind and helpful. The Customer Success team sits in the back seat and is always ready to assist if I need guidance or direction or want to know more about a product or feature. I am a big fan of both!

Tips and tricks: Travel advice from Kristine

When it’s safe to travel and you find yourself in Hawaii, I strongly recommend that you take a water tour, where you will get an amazing view of the island, the crater, the three other islands that are in view, and the amazing wildlife. I also suggest a walking tour of Maui or any island you visit to learn more about the flora and fauna (so many plants here do not grow anywhere else) and the history of the islands. Both are fascinating. It’s a unique and magical place and so easy for many to stick with the traditional tourist luau and miss the real beauty of the islands.

Just for fun: More about Kristine

I came to Maui after growing up in Dallas, where I got my undergraduate degree and MBA. After spending time in the New York/New Jersey area and California, the beauty of Maui brought me here seven years ago. I had visited several times and loved it. It was the right move for me, and living where my drive to work is serene, where I love my job, and where the weather is perfect has been a dream come true.


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