Kronos User Spotlight: Dustin Combs

Dustin Combs

The Kronos User Spotlight program is designed to discover and connect the people who use Kronos regularly in their day-to-day jobs. Today, we hear from Dustin Combs of Perfect North Slopes — a Workforce Central customer. 

Dustin’s years of experience with Kronos have made him a wealth of knowledge on several topics. Read on for a few of Dustin’s favorite things about Kronos.  

Meet Dustin Combs

Name:Dustin Combs
Company:Perfect North Slopes
Product:Workforce Central
Role:IT Director (and Kronos point person)
Experience with Kronos:20 Years

Product features and functionality: What Dustin is most excited about

  • Moving to the Cloud: We’ve already moved to the cloud, but it’s something I’m still excited about. Becoming a cloud customer lifted a big weight off our shoulders. My team no longer dedicates so much time to maintenance or completing time-consuming troubleshooting tasks. It was well worth the move. 
  • Minor rule sets: We use minor rule sets that prevent us from going over legally set shift limits. The rule sets also allow for compliance with child labor laws, something that’s important to us with all the young people we employ during school breaks. I would recommend rule sets to other organizations that hire minor employees seasonally.
  • Mobile: Most employees are using mobile for employee self-service, viewing schedules, and opening shift requests. Department managers rely on it heavily to manage staffing schedules and approve timecards. The managers love the ability to offer up open shifts as they become available so that staff can pick them up. Being able to have a schedule that we can dynamically manage is key, and mobile allows us to do this efficiently and effectively.  

Tips and tricks: Advice from Dustin

My advice is for customers who are still using Flash. If your Workforce Central solution depends on Adobe Flash like ours, consider what you want your next step to be. Perfect North Slopes was an early adopter of Workforce Central 8, and we are planning a move to the Flash-free version sometime this summer, before Adobe’s end of support for Flash at the end of this year (December 2020). 

Resources: What Dustin can’t live without

Customer Success — The Kronos Customer Success team, available via Kronos Community, has played a key role in helping us make the right decisions for our business. They’ve pointed us in the right direction when we needed guidance and helped us stay up to date on important information that impacts our business and our processes; such as Adobe’s end of support for their Flash product mentioned above.  

Kronos Insiders — I’m a fairly new member of the Kronos Insiders program, but I’ve enjoyed it so far. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and opinions with other customers and learning from their experiences as well. Kronos Insiders helps me continue to grow my knowledge about Kronos and learn more about features and tools that Perfect North Slopes can put into practice. 

Just for fun: More about Dustin

About 10 years ago, we developed our own homegrown obstacle course race at Perfect North Slopes.  Being involved in that sparked a passion for running and obstacle course racing.  We now host annual Spartan Races onsite and I generally make that a staple race I participate in. I also take part in our local Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati, Ohio each year.  

I love to ski. I’ve always been drawn to the slopes. My first job at Perfect North Slopes was in the rental shop nearly 20 years ago. It was my passion for skiing that drew me in, but I soon discovered that I enjoyed organizational excellence and improving the internal framework of the business for employees. For example, I was instrumental in implementing an equipment check system that allowed weary guests to leave, track, and manage ski equipment while taking a break from the slopes. 

I enjoy listening to and playing music. I dabble in playing a few different instruments and am currently active in playing drums and guitar at our local church.   


Thank you, Dustin! We appreciate you sharing your thoughts and expertise with us and helping educate other Kronos users about the product.