Kronos User Spotlight: Brian Goff

Brian Goff


Brian Goff

The Kronos User Spotlight program recognizes the people who use Kronos regularly in their day-to-day jobs. Not only do the articles introduce you to real Kronos end-users, but they also help you learn about features, resources, and solution strategies you might not have known about before. 

Please meet Brian Goff! Here’s what he had to share about his experience using Workforce TeleStaff™. 


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Meet Brian 

Name:  Brian Goff
Company: Sun Prairie Emergency Medical Services
Role: Chief
Product: Workforce TeleStaff
Experience with Kronos: 5 years 
Kronos Community Name: Brian Goff

Product features and functionality: What Brian is most excited about  

Rules — My favorite TeleStaff feature is rules. The system’s ability to find candidates with pinpoint accuracy improves compliance with staffing rules and union contracts. The power of Telestaff’s rules engine capabilities ensures consistency with staffing actions, frees up supervisors’ time to focus on other tasks, and eliminates complaints from staff about fairness of staffing functions. 

Outbounding — Telestaff’s outbounding feature is another one of my favorites. I’ve used it in both small and large agencies, and it has saved hundreds of hours of staff time and thousands of dollars! In addition to its value in finding staff to fill vacancies, outbounding has proven to be a valuable communication tool. I’ve used outbounding during natural disaster events to communicate quickly and efficiently with large groups of staff with report-for-duty instructions. Mobile communication during a crisis is critical, and TeleStaff’s cloud services facilitate communication with the entire team via either Wi-Fi or data connectivity, and at the click of a button — making it an invaluable tool.

Resources: What Brian can’t live without 

I can’t live without Professional Services! They are saviors when a need arises that I don’t have the time for or that I lack the expertise to handle. Not only can I rely on members of the team to solve the issue, but they are always eager to help me improve my knowledge in the process.

Tips and tricks: Advice from Brian

My advice to other Kronos users is to be committed to investing in your system — both at the initial implementation and routinely over time. The money and time that are spent to best take advantage of the system’s features and automations are repaid many times over and result in saving effort, staff hours, and real dollars.

Just for fun: Brian’s claims to fame 

Our payroll system could not automatically apply pay rate differentials to users. Things such as night-shift differential and holiday pay had to be entered manually on a daily basis. The staff time required exceeded 10 hours per week. Despite best efforts, inaccuracies did occasionally occur, requiring additional time to go back and fix later. I used Telestaff’s rules to solve this problem. When I configured the system to identify employees who met the criteria for differential pay, the manual process that once demanded excess staff time to complete was made fully automated, the accuracy of data was improved, and the employees enjoyed greater confidence in accurate paychecks!


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