It’s National Payroll Week and We’re Here for It (and You)

National Payroll Week

National Payroll Week kicks off on Monday! So, we hope you’ll indulge us in taking a moment to honor payroll professionals everywhere. These are the folks who make sure employees around the world get paid, and it’s not an easy feat: tracking down timesheets, running reports, keeping abreast of ever-changing local and federal laws. To these hardworking members of our UKG Pro™ family: Thank you. We see you, and we know your job is about much more than paychecks. 

There’s a reason payroll pros have a week dedicated to them — payroll is a complex and complicated task. And while it’s important to sing their praises, we think it’s equally critical to share some tried-and-true resources to help lessen their payroll load. Whether you’re new to payroll or a well-seasoned professional, we have resources and training for every level (and for each day of National Payroll Week). Please note, if you’re not logged in to the UKG Ultimate Community, you may be asked to enter your credentials when accessing the following links. 

National Payroll Week

Take It Easy

Happy Labor Day! We hope you’re celebrating the first day of NPW at the beach soaking up what’s left of summer, or curled up on the couch, because you deserve a day of rest for all you’ve done this year. 

Ease In: Process Overview

Now that you’re back in the office and ready to celebrate your role in the payroll machine, allow us to share some of our most popular guides. Looking for best practices and step-by-step instructions for processing payroll? Our Payroll Processing Guide and Payroll Processing Guide with UKG Dimensions Pay Data are the perfect places to start. These manuals walk you through everything from creating batches to posting payroll and everything in between. 

If a more robust offering is what you’re after, the Payroll Processing Checklist Guide contains convenient, color-coded sections that represent each step in the payroll process. Whether you start from the beginning or focus on a specific area of interest, you can count on this tutorial to teach you how to successfully complete a payroll from start to finish. 

And what training would be complete without a trip to UltiUniversity? We recommend starting light with our Payroll Processing Overview (45 minutes) Self-Paced* course, where you’ll get a review of Payroll Gateway options, payroll groups, data flows, and more. Access this course and others (denoted by an asterisk throughout this post) by logging in to UltiUniversity (UKG Ultimate Community > Learning Center > UltiUniversity > Access UltiUniversity) and entering the course name in the search bar to register.

Ramp Up: Off-Cycle Payrolls and Voids

With the basics handled, let’s kick it up a notch. We know payrolls aren’t just for “payday,” and there are many reasons why an off-cycle or supplemental payroll may occur. Whether you’re paying a bonus or processing a payroll adjustment, our Configure and Schedule Off-Cycle Payrolls and Process Off-Cycle Payrolls with UKG Dimensions™ Pay Data job aids are great reference materials for when payroll throws you a curve ball. 

And speaking of curve balls, sometimes even a perfect payroll can hit a snag — like when an employee loses their paycheck and needs to be issued another one. In times like these, it’s best to be well-versed in voids; and, luckily, our Void Payments (30 minutes) Self-Paced* course gets you to expert status quickly. 

As you end the day, you may be reflecting on some unanswered payroll questions. Give our Payroll Processing FAQs a shot to see if we have the solution. This document provides answers to some of the most common payroll queries, such as: “How do I undo a step in the payroll process?” and “How soon do I need to close my payroll before the pay date?”

Dive Deep: Imports, Pay Groups, Reporting, and More

From imports to reporting, payroll gurus need to do it all. That’s why we offer continuing education for whatever the payroll world might throw at you. And while the day-to-day might come with some unexpected challenges, there’s one thing you can always count on: reporting. 

When used correctly, reports can make life easier, so carving out time to learn them is never a bad idea. Our Payroll Reporting Overview (1 hour) Self-Paced* course will show you which reports to pull to track down the information you need, when you need it. 

Once you have reporting under your belt, it’s time to navigate deeper into the payroll process with the following comprehensive courses. While there are benefits to the live courses listed below, such as the ability to interact and ask questions, there are also recorded sessions available should you need them.

060-01 Payroll Processing: Import and Submit Data (2 hours) Live Virtual*
Get the knowledge and skills needed to complete simple and complex payrolls requiring imports from alternate sources. Features covered include processing payroll for multiple pay groups simultaneously and importing time for multiple pay groups. You’ll also learn how to generate and review time import payroll reports to validate time entries. 

060-02 Payroll Processing: Balancing (2 hours) Live Virtual*
If you want a more focused look at the complex areas of processing payroll, this class is for you. Get an in-depth analysis of tax and wage reports available to aid in balancing payroll. Then, build on the complexity by exploring troubleshooting, error resolution, and employee tax configuration to understand how taxes are reported and withheld on year-end forms based on settings. The course will focus not only on reviewing these concepts but on putting them into practice with interactive activities. 

Keep It Going: Continued Training

National Payroll Week may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean your training has to. Keep an eye out for information on how to register for our monthly Knowledge Hours — a webcast series designed to boost your payroll skills in just one hour. And while you’re waiting for the next live event, check out our reserve of past UKG Pro Pay Knowledge Hour Presentations that teach best practices and tips and tricks for maximizing your UKG Pro Pay solution. 

Thank you, payroll professionals! You’re the true business heroes and our personal MVPs. We hope this week is a reminder of how much you’re valued — not just today but every day.