It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (and Busiest!) and UKG Pro Can Help


We’re quickly approaching the end of the year, and although we can’t help you get ahead on your holiday shopping, we can help you prepare for your upcoming seasonal payroll tasks. We know you have a growing to-do list and there is no shortage of demands on your time. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive collection of year-end resources — from trainings and step-by-step guides to FAQ articles and more. We’ve got everything you need in order to successfully accomplish a smooth year-end. If you’re ready to start checking off tasks on your year-end list, let’s get started!

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As they say, preparation is the key to success, so we created the following training courses to help you get ready for year-end processing. Designed with our U.S. and Canadian payroll and tax administrators in mind, the following classes will walk you through all the tasks you need to accomplish from November through March. Access the following sessions by logging into UltiUniversity (UKG Ultimate Community > Learning Center > UltiUniversity > Access UltiUniversity) and entering the course name in the search bar to register.

United States
310-01 Year-End Preparation November–December Tasks (On Demand or Live Virtual)

CN-310-01 Year-End Preparation November–December Tasks (On Demand or Live Virtual)
also available in French

This course is the first in a two-part series that teaches you everything you need to know in order to complete your end-of-year tasks. If you’re new to UKG Pro™ or year-end processing, you’ll benefit from intensive instruction that covers the ins and outs of your seasonal tasks, including:

  • Verifying company and employee setup
  • Updating deduction and benefit plan goal limits
  • Identifying negative wages
  • Extending the payroll processing calendar and resetting the year
  • Completing payroll history adjustments
  • Creating instant adjustments
  • Plus, more

United States
310-02 Year-End Preparation January–March Tasks (On Demand or Live Virtual)

CN-310-02 Year-End Preparation January–March Tasks (On Demand or Live Virtual
) also available in French

Completing the two-part series, this course includes instruction on some of your most critical year-end tasks. We’ll cover how to create adjustments and the process for generating year-end reporting tables. You’ll also receive a thorough review of creating and uploading your year-end files, and we’ll direct you to helpful resources you can utilize once the training is over. Upon completing the course, you’ll have the knowledge necessary to ace your seasonal tasks like a pro. 

United States
310rf Year-End Preparation Refresher (On Demand or Live Virtual)

CN-310rf Year-End Preparation Refresher (On Demand or Live Virtual)

If this year-end isn’t your first rodeo, then this condensed refresher course is for you. Still covering the end-of-year essentials, such as generating year-end tables (or slips) and creating electronic files, this training is designed for seasoned UKG Pro users who are familiar with year-end processing. 


Make room for a new buddy because our Year-End Resources page is your new best friend. Like any great pal, it’s supportive, gives you the information you need, and keeps you focused on what’s important — like those looming year-end deadlines. From helpful checklists to comprehensive guides and more, consider this your one-stop shop for all things year-end.

For information that is conveniently tailored to your country’s requirements, select the U.S. Year-End Resources or Canada Year-End Resources page that best fits your needs. Remember, if you’re not logged in to the UKG Ultimate Community, you may be asked to enter your credentials when accessing these links.


We’ve made it easy to find all year-end discussions in one place. Any post tagged with #YearEnd will display on the Year-End topic page in Community. Simply review the feed to view any questions and answers from Pro users just like you. And don’t forget, we have UKG subject matter experts consistently monitoring the Community groups waiting to share information and answer your questions.