It’s Just Another Mobile Monday

UKG Ready Mobile Mondays woman with phone

Are you feeling like it’s just another Manic Monday? Let’s be honest, we all know Mondays can be a drag. It’s the start of a new week and you’re getting back in the swing of things. This month however, your Mondays are about to get a lot more interesting. So go grab your coffee, sit back, and get ready to take on the week because all May long you can look forward to Mobile Mondays with UKG Ready®! 

What are Mobile Mondays? 

We want to make sure your organization is getting the most out of your investment in UKG Ready and part of that investment includes the mobile app. All month long we’ll be providing mobile tips and tricks around certain mobile features and functionality. Each Monday will focus on a different mobile theme. We’ll provide context into what features can help alleviate some common mobile issues, how to configure features based on what makes sense to your organization, and provide some resources to help you get started. All content will be posted in the UKG Community™ on Monday mornings. 

Getting Started with the Mobile App

Before diving into our Mobile Monday’s content, you’ll want to make sure you are familiar with the UKG Ready mobile app. To use the mobile app, make sure you have permissions turned on under Menu > Company Settings > Profiles/Policies > Security and pick the Security Profile you wish to activate. Once in the Security Profile, scroll down to the Mobile Preferences widget and check the Mobile box.

mobile preferences screenshot

Basic mobile tasks are normally activated by Security Profile – which means if there are certain permissions you want to test out for yourself before rolling out to your employees or if you want to give managers and employees different mobile permissions, you can. 

There are two key pieces of information anyone using the mobile app must fill in before logging into their account: Company Short Name and Region. The Company Short Name is the last 7 digits in the URL that you use to login to UKG Ready from the desktop (example

Organizations decide to leverage the mobile app for many different reasons and it’s up to you to decide and define what those reasons are. One of the best parts about the mobile app is that it’s customizable to your organization’s needs. If you want to have employees use the app to just punch in and out, you can or if you want them to have complete access to everything they have on the desktop you can. The choice is up to your organization. 

Our First Mobile Monday Theme

Drum roll please: The moment you’ve been waiting for, our first Mobile Monday theme is mobile app essentials! This week dive into mobile app essentials that will help ease the login burden employees may face and make the app easy to navigate so employees can quickly complete tasks within the app. Check it out now! 

Have a question about the UKG Ready mobile app or want to suggest a Mobile Monday theme? Head on over to our UKG Ready Mobile group in the UKG Community and let us know!