Introducing the UKG Training Pathfinder

Coworkers learning on laptop

The UKG Training Pathfinder™ is live! Introducing our newest training tool that’s built to help you sort and organize the right training courses for you–providing a path to improve your skills and increase your comfort level with various features and functionality.  

Please note, this training tool is currently only available for the following UKG® solutions: UKG Pro™, UKG Pro Workforce Management™, UKG Telestaff™, and UKG HR Service Delivery™.  

How to Access 

You can access this tool in the UKG Community by navigating to Learn > Selecting your product > Training > Create your training path. You must be registered in the UKG Community to use this tool. To learn more about how to register for the UKG Community, refer to this resource. Alternatively, you can access the UKG Training Pathfinder here. 

UKG Training Pathfinder Screenshot

The UKG Training Pathfinder homepage (products displayed will vary depending on your organization’s subscriptions) is shown above. 

How it Works 

The UKG Training Pathfinder gives you the ability to hand pick your training path based on the UKG solutions your organization is subscribed to. Once you select the products you would like to receive training on, you will be able to select the individual courses you want to take. 

To get started, follow the steps below: 

1. Choose which products you’d like to learn more about​. To start, use the checkboxes to select the UKG products and features for which you’d like to take training. Once you’re done, select  Save changes > Show courses.​ 

2. Select your courses​. Now that you have selected the products and features you want to learn more about, it’s time to select the individual courses you want to take.​ 

Begin by selecting the drop-down arrows on each of the product tabs and deselect any courses that don’t interest you. Each course has a modality, level, and duration to help you decide what’s best for you. Once you are done, select Save changes > Go to my Training Path.​ 

Helpful tip! Notice the badge icons next to critical courses? As you finish course levels in Training Pathfinder, you’ll get a digital badge that you can add to your UKG Community profile and share on social media. To learn more about badging, refer to this resource. 

3. Start your training​​. It’s time to start your training path! Select the drop-down arrows on each of the product tabs to view your selected courses. Each course link will take you directly to the specified training in the UKG Community University™. The courses are listed in recommended order. You can also export your training path to PDF for a printable copy.​ 

You can return to the UKG Training Pathfinder any time to access your selected courses. 

Now that you have created your training path with the UKG Training Pathfinder, you are well on your way to becoming an expert of your UKG solutions.