Introducing the UKG Pro Report Rundown

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We live in a data-driven world. Whether analyzing, calculating, or reporting, data is one of the most critical business components that drives informed decision-making. We consume large quantities of data daily, and it’s the crux of helping us assess and validate the inner workings of business performance. 

Here’s the Rundown

As a UKG Pro® solution user, we know how important it is for you to funnel employee data into reports that help you manage your workforce more efficiently. With so many reports to choose from, knowing where to begin might feel daunting. But don’t worry; we’ve got four of our most popular payroll reports to kick off your UKG Pro data journey. Let’s get started! 

Payroll Edit Detail Listing Report

As a payroll professional, you’re juggling a lot and sometimes it’s hard to remember all the changes you made to a payroll. That’s where the Payroll Edit Detail Listing report comes in. This report gives you the specific pays that were changed and can be used to verify that your payroll data was correctly entered or imported into UKG Pro for the current pay period. 

Summary Payroll Register Report

When all you need are totals, say goodbye to lengthy spreadsheets and hello to the Summary Payroll Register report. This report provides an easy-to-view summary of payroll totals for the pay periods selected, including earnings, employee and employer deductions, and taxes, with plenty of options to customize. You can select from a single pay period, a range of periods, instant checks only, voids, specific employees, and much more. 

Detail Deductions by Deduction Code Report

Would you like a quick snapshot of all the deductions included in an employee’s pay? If so, the Detail Deductions by Deduction Code report is for you. This report displays deduction subtotals by deduction code and detailed information for each employee, including goal amounts, start and stop dates, and the employer portion of the deduction. This report is flexible and can be generated for a single payroll or employee, multiple payrolls, a specific list of employees, for a list of deductions, or any combination thereof.  

Pre-Check Exceptions Report

Identify potential issues with your payroll before it’s too late! Do you have active employees not getting paid? What about terminated employees that are getting paid? Do you need to identify employees that are paid over a specific limit or paid with multiple checks? Get all this information and more with the Pre-Check Exceptions report. This report provides an audit of the current payroll, allowing you to review and catch any inconsistencies before checks are printed.

Whether you consider yourself a data newbie or a data expert, we hope you take advantage of the robust reporting capabilities UKG Pro has to offer. For more details on these payroll reports and more, be sure to check out the Payroll Processing Guide in the UKG Community™ Library. If you have questions about an existing report or want to know if a certain one exists, visit the UKG Community groups. There are thousands of customers collaborating and sharing reporting tips and tricks.

And remember, the reports we highlighted today are just the beginning, so stay tuned for the next UKG Pro Report Rundown!