Introducing New Early Access for UKG Dimensions Major Releases

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Did you know that getting a sneak peek at what’s coming in future UKG Dimensions™ releases is easier than ever? Dream no more. It’s possible with the new Early Access experience launching with R8!


Happy on Computer


Based on customer feedback and process improvements, we’re delivering early access to the upcoming major release in non-production (NPR) tenants approximately four weeks before general availability in production (PRD) for U.S. customers. If you are a U.S. customer, you will automatically receive early access to the upcoming major release in your non-production tenant so you can be better positioned to enable new features sooner and with greater confidence. 

Let me address a couple of questions.

Automatically?  Yes, you no longer need to submit a request to get early access to new features. Your NPR tenant will automatically receive the upcoming R8 release on your scheduled Trust Site date. This means that you can proactively test and try out new features without requesting and waiting for a Preview tenant.*

In my NPR environment?  Yes! An instance of the upcoming release will be delivered to your NPR environment without overwriting anything in your existing database. 

Key Benefits of Early Access 

Now you know what we mean when we say Early Access, but what’s all the hype about? 

  • With Early Access, you can enable new features in major releases sooner and with greater confidence
  • In addition to offering the chance to test and try out features before they are live, the Early Access experience doesn’t require you to request or manage an additional Preview tenant* 
  • And because you won’t need to request a Preview tenant, you will no longer receive all the Trust Site email notifications about Preview availability and deactivation reminders* 

And to add to this exciting announcement, you can give Early Access a whirl as soon as the next major release of Dimensions! It will be a reliable method for you to see, test, and use new features in R8 before they are officially pushed live in PRD.

*NOTE: For customers in Canada, Europe, and Australia, you will still need to request Early Access tenants through the same process you previously used to request Preview tenants. To request your Early Access tenant, simply create a Support Case — title the case “Dimensions Early Access Tenant” and write in the description “Requesting an Early Access tenant.” You must request an Early Access tenant by May 14. 

How to take advantage of the Early Access experience

First, check your UKG Dimensions Trust Site to see precisely when Early Access will be available to you. You can expect to find the official Early Access experience date and your specific Dimensions R8 release rollout date in your Trust Site maintenance calendar sometime this month (May 2021). If you haven’t already, you’ll also receive an email through Trust Site Announcements

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Next, start playing around!

Additional Early Access resources

Make sure to visit and bookmark the UKG Dimensions Release Readiness page to stay updated on important dates, upcoming features, training resources, and release documentation.

You’ll also want to read and bookmark the New Early Access Experience for UKG Dimensions Releases knowledge base article in UKG Kronos Community. Tip: Log in to Community before clicking the knowledge article link.

And if you still have additional questions about the Early Access experience, please reach out to your customer success manager or post a question in the UKG Dimensions WFM discussion group. 

Don’t be shy! We want you to feel comfortable leveraging Early Access and learning about what’s new in time for R8.