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Did you miss the UKG Ready™ Inside Innovation webinar last week? Well, don’t fret — we’ve got the on-demand replay available for you! If you’ve never heard of this must-see webinar series, let me introduce you to it. The Inside Innovation series allows you a peek into new functionality and innovations that can help you enhance your organization. Our senior manager of product marketing, Stacey Kervin, also covers the roadmap and what’s to come for the future of UKG Ready™. Check out some of these highlights!

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UKG Ready Learning

What is it? This full learning management solution allows you to keep employees informed and engaged using learning to train, upskill,  reskill, and develop. It also allows you to organize your training strategy and stay on track with compliance training efforts. 

What is required? UKG Ready HR and UKG Ready Learning solutions.

What you’re going to love about it: You’ll be able to easily store, curate, and share content with real-time tracking and reporting to improve your employee experience. 

How you can use it: Provide your employees with training at their fingertips to keep them informed and help them build the skills they need to continue to grow and develop in their career.

When is it available? It is currently available.

Guided Analysis

What is it? A tool to help understand your people data so you can easily make better decisions. It gives you business analyst-type recommendations directly inside of UKG Ready.

What is required? UKG Ready People Insights module.

What you’re going to love about it: You’ll be able to analyze key trends that live inside your data using a guided experience inside the Ready solution. This tool will ask you a series of simple questions to help you get to the root of the data you need. Customers currently using it highly recommend it!  

How you can use it: By answering a simple set of questions, the solution can help you analyze how overtime hours compare with regular work hours by cost center or by manager, using different data fields such as the Cost Centers, Counters, and specific date ranges. Using the Assist Me function, the system will then provide you with all the data needed to determine how to reduce the number of overtime hours.

When is it available? It is currently available.

Predict My Pay

What is it? A tool inside UKG Ready that helps your people understand how different life events and decisions can impact their take-home pay. 

What is required? UKG Ready Payroll and UKG Ready HR.

What you’re going to love about it: The Predict My Pay tool will show an easy-to-view comparison between your current pay and the simulated pay, based on changing factors such as adjusting deductions, changing benefits due to life change events, or even if you’re planning on going out on leave of absence, increasing hours, or reducing hours worked. The tool gives you a sense of how your choices will impact net pay.

How you can use it: Say you want to increase your 401(K) contribution. You can enter the new amount you want to be taken out of your pay and it will show you a simulated paycheck with your new take-home pay. 

When is it available? Planning for Q3 of 2022.

Peer-to-Peer Time-Off Donations

What is it? Functionality that will empower you to choose how your time off is used, including the ability to donate to other colleagues or contribute to a pool for others to use. 

What is required? UKG Ready Accruals.

What you’re going to love about it: It provides you with more flexibility in using your time off, planning for time off, or even donating your time to a colleague in need, which can contribute to a sense of community and belonging with your work family. 

How you can use it: You can donate your time to a specific colleague in need or donate to a pool of accrued time for anyone who needs it, and employees can borrow from the pool. 

When is it available? Planning for Q4 of 2022.

Manager Workspace

What is it? If you’re familiar with the Recruitment Workspace concept, you’ll recognize the Manager Workspace as a centralized location for visibility into people, data, and processes to help manage your team effectively. 

What is required? UKG Ready.

What you’re going to love about it: This feature brings all your management data into one centralized location, allowing managers to focus on their priorities. And it’s not just exclusively for their direct reports! The workspace will enable managers to have visibility into work groups based on location, team, project, department, and more. The Manager Workspace is great for anyone always on the go and not typically at a desk.  

How you can use it: You can use this workspace to get a snapshot into who is in versus not in, time-off requests that are still open, employee fatigue, average overtime, weekly average late punches, and more. It also gives managers insight into the employee journey by looking at history, milestones, compensation, and previous positions in a digestible way. 

When is it available? Planning for Q4 of 2022.

Benefits Statement

What is it? A reimagined version of a benefits statement, this will help your people understand how much you value their contribution.

What is required? UKG Ready HR and UKG Ready Payroll.

What you’re going to love about it: It gives your employees an excellent visual and real-time way of showing how much you value their contribution and what goes into their total compensation. It is delivered with charts and graphs, using pay, deductions, and contributions to show how much you value an individual’s contribution.

How you can use it: You can provide your employees with an easy-to-view visual breakdown of where their money is coming from and where it is allocated to, messages from your company, or key updates related to compensation.

When is it available? Planning on Q4 of 2022.

This is only a small portion of the 19 features we’re excited to share with you. Don’t miss your opportunity to view it all on demand. 

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