How UKG Works Attendees Say You Can Optimize Your Conference Experience

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Get ready! UKG Works is almost here, and we’re so excited to join you at ARIA Las Vegas, November 14-17, or for the virtual experience from wherever you’re most comfortable. As the conference nears, here are a few helpful reminders.

  • Innovation Award applications are due Friday, October 8! Innovation Awards recognize customers who leverage UKG technology to solve business challenges, add value to their organization, and improve the employee experience. Does this sound like you? Embrace your excellence and apply!
  • Did you hear? We’ve announced the multi-platinum, four-time GRAMMY Award-winning artist for this year’s entertainment. You won’t want to miss the show — especially my fellow country music fans.
  • The session agenda is here! Check out the session catalog and make a plan for the sessions you want to attend. You do need to be registered for the conference to build your official schedule (registrants received an email with instructions earlier this week). If you haven’t done that yet, you can register for $150 off the standard fee until October 8. And a virtual pass is only $199 — a great option if you’re not yet up for traveling. If you need a little help convincing your manager, you can download a convince-your-manager letter here.


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We look forward to providing you with 2½ days of education, networking, and enjoyment each year, and what better way to help you prepare for the event than with advice from actual conference attendees. So, we asked our UKG Insiders to share what they’ve learned from their past conference experiences. Here are their recommendations!

Advice from Insiders: What UKG Works attendees say about the conference 

Jeff Collins, Business Application Specialist at Morris Hospital

  • My favorite part about UKG Works is all the learning opportunities. It could be networking with others in the same industry, talking to support staff on the expo floor, or learning something new in a breakout session. UKG manages to fit in chances to learn many new things but gives attendees an opportunity to relax and network in a casual setting with multiple before- and after-hours events. It is a great balance of work and fun.
  • The best advice I can share with someone who hasn’t been to UKG Works is to make a plan for which sessions you want to attend ahead of time. That has helped me make sure I get to sessions I am most interested in and still make time for the expo and for checking work emails throughout the day, etc.
  • The first time I attended UKG Works, I wished I had known that it’s okay to ask questions. The first year I went, I was new to UKG. Just like being in the classroom at school, I didn’t want to ask “silly” questions in front of a large group. But once I did, I either got an excellent response from the presenter or the chance to speak with a peer about how they handle the situation. Either way, it was a great learning opportunity.

Author’s note: Yes, we can’t stress this enough. Please don’t be shy! Everyone comes to UKG Works to learn, and some of the best discussions come from questions during Q&A. We’re all among friends!

  • One conference myth I can debunk is that UKG Works is all play and no work. Management may assume that because the conference is in Las Vegas. Past conferences I have attended had so many great sessions, networking opportunities, and other chances for learning packed into each day.

Author’s note: Second reminder that the convince-your-manager letter is available if you need it!

  • Memorable moment — For all the great sessions and learning UKG Works offers, they also know how to show their guests a good time. In 2019, I got to see One Republic live at the Hard Rock Hotel. They had great food and great music in a very exclusive setting. I also got to share the time with some new friends I had met at the conference. It was a great time.

Author’s note: If you didn’t click the link above, click it now to unveil the multi-platinum, four-time GRAMMY Award-winning artist for this year’s entertainment.


Tricia Smiley, Business Systems Analyst at Seattle Housing Authority

  • My favorite things about UKG Works are meeting new and experienced UKG product users, having the ability to ask questions, and learning about product direction. And the best part about UKG Works virtual is that it is well organized and almost just as great as being there in person. 
  • The best advice I can share with someone who hasn’t been to UKG Works is to plan your days. Review the agenda. Pair up with another attendee. If you cannot attend a specific session, you can meet up with another attendee to review what was covered.
  • The first time I attended UKG Works, I wished I had known to better plan what I was attending on the agenda. 
  • One conference myth I can debunk is UKG Works is stressful. You can navigate to where you need to go easily, and there are people there to help point you in the right direction. There is something to gain for everyone who attends. 
  • Memorable moment — The entertainment was great!

Arieshia Williams, HRIS Administrator at EmpRes Healthcare Management

  • My favorite things about UKG Works are…networking, swag, and the Post-Acute Roundtable session. I also love the fact that UKG makes the experience as memorable as possible. I’ve felt well cared for and like the event really was put together just for us.  
  • The best advice I can share with someone who hasn’t been to UKG Works is that it goes by quickly. It’s only 2½ days. Fill your schedule up as much as possible so that you don’t miss anything, and take advantage of everything UKG is offering. All of it has a purpose, and you want to be a part of every moment that you can be.
  • The first time I attended UKG Works, I wished I had known that it would help align my career goals and point me in a direction that I didn’t know I was headed. 
  • Memorable moment — I was in a UKG Dimensions™ live panel discussion, watching and admiring the conversation. Thinking to myself, once we get through this migration, that’s going to be me. And now, at UKG Works 2021, it will be!

Shelley Hahn, Senior Business Analyst and System Administrator for UKG Ready at Roseburg Forest Products

  • My favorite things about UKG Works are networking, hearing how others use the system, and getting ideas about how to do something you have been trying to set up in the system. The collaboration and ideas you get from attending sessions, speaking with UKG experts in the expo, and networking at meals/events is a game-changer for making the most of your system.
  • The best advice I can share with someone who hasn’t been to UKG Works is to bring your questions and participate in the discussions.
  • The first time I attended UKG Works, I wished I had known about all the resources available at the event.
  • One conference myth I can debunk is that it is only for certain skill sets and users. I feel everyone has an opportunity to grow and learn from UKG Works.

Author’s note: Yes! There’s something for everyone. You can even search the session catalog by job role using the filters on the right-hand side. 

  • Memorable moment — My memorable moments are from asking questions about how to accomplish something within the system and hearing all of the feedback from different customers.

Lisa Leslie, Benefit/HRIS Administrator at Hydro-Gear

  • My favorite thing about UKG Works is meeting fellow community members — both UKG team members and other clients and partners. It’s great to meet with people face-to-face and ask questions to presenters in the sessions or later in the hallway or during networking. 
  • The best advice I can share with someone who hasn’t been to UKG Works is to GO!! And sign up and plan your schedule of sessions before you arrive. If you’re attending the virtual event, I would recommend going to an undisclosed location and shutting off email so you can watch uninterrupted. 
  • Memorable moment — Any of the networking events!

Some great advice here from your peers! I think it’s safe to say that your main takeaways from this article are to make a plan, don’t be afraid to ask questions, take the opportunity to meet new people, learn from others’ experiences — and don’t forget to have a little fun. 

If you have questions about attending, check out the UKG Works conference FAQ or contact [email protected] and a member of the events team will get back to you.