How to Share Your Experience with UKG

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This blog post is about the peer review site TrustRadius, but let’s talk about Friends first. 

Who doesn’t love the show or the classic theme song by The Rembrandts? “I’ll Be There for You” is a relatable song in general, but I don’t know if there could be a more relevant soundtrack for 2020 than this line: It’s like you’re always stuck in second gear. When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year …

That being said, we all know the song’s message is about having friends to support you through thick and thin, and that’s how we hope you see us at UKG — as your friend, your partner, your peer. The best thing about friends is that they’re open and honest with each other. They tell you when you’re doing great, and they help you when you’ve got some room to grow. We want to make sure you know how you can provide some friendly feedback whenever a thought about your experience strikes you.


Peer Review Blog



Have you heard about TrustRadius? It’s a wonderful resource where you can write about the software that you use. It’s one of many peer review sites giving you the opportunity to share your voice and let it be heard. 

UKG has TrustRadius profiles for the flagship products, and we’d greatly appreciate any opinions you feel comfortable sharing. Follow the link below to get profiles for UKG Ready, UKG Dimensions, and UKG Workforce Central! If you’re a UKG Ready customer, make sure not to miss the limited time offer when you visit the product page.

Access UKG TrustRadius profiles here

More importantly, leaving a review on TrustRadius is a way that you can help others. You’ve walked the walk and seen the sights! Yes, your wisdom helps us a great deal at UKG, but it also helps people who might like to partner with UKG make the best decisions possible for their organization. 

So, we hope you’ll check us out at TrustRadius. Our purpose is people, which means that we truly welcome your ideas, thoughts, and opinions. Whenever you feel inclined, pop over to TrustRadius and share what’s on your mind!