Hiring a New Admin? No Problem!

New Admin

Starting a new position while learning the ins and outs of new technology is never easy. Add in the uncertainty of the past year and things can get pretty stressful for your new administrators. In fact, 20% of new hires actually end up leaving their jobs within the first 45 days — which is originally why we created our New Admin Training program. 

This six-step program provides a personalized training experience for all new admins to get them up and running quickly. New admins can complete the program at whatever pace they feel is right for them. Because let’s face it — they have a lot on their plate. 

New Admin

One of our most commonly asked questions regarding the new admin program is simply “How do I get my new admins enrolled? Is there anything special I need to do?” The good news is you don’t have to do anything. Each new admin is automatically enrolled in the program. We are notified whenever a new admin security account is created within your solution. Once we see this new account, we’ll reach out to the administrator with the program.

These new training programs begin every two weeks. Like I said before, this is a personalized experience for each new admin. There is no set end date, and everyone completes the program at his or her own pace. However, in order to quickly get your new admins up to speed, we recommend they complete the training program in its entirety. If your new admin has not received any information on the training program after a month, please reach out to UKG. 

We want your new admins to be as successful as they possibly can. The more training admins have upfront, the easier it is for them to do their job. Balancing a new role while learning a new solution is no easy task for anyone. So, make sure you’re leveraging this resource to help your employees succeed!

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