Help! It’s Quarter-End!

It's Quarter End

When it comes to quarter-end, are you:

  • Worried about it?
  • Confused about where to start?
  • Feeling lost when it comes to in-system tasks?
  • Unsure of what actions you need to complete?

If these bullet points describe you, don’t worry! Christina Messina, our payroll expert and program manager for UKG Payroll Services (UKGPS), is here to help. Christina will share some resources to guide you through the quarter-end as well as provide her own tips and tricks for a successful quarter-end. Enjoy! 

It is our goal to have clients feel confident about quarter-end and for them to have the resources and tools they need for a smooth and successful close and signoff.


Quarter-end can be a stressful time, and if you are not familiar with the processes, it may be a top concern for you and your team. Curious about where to begin? Check out these resources and learn all about quarter-end processes and system-related tasks.

UKG Payroll Services Resources:

  • UKG Payroll Services Resource Center

    • Quarter-End Success Tools, including the Quarter-End Guide, client guide, job aids, mini sessions, and the Quarter-End Overview Session sign-up links
  • UKG Payroll Services Community Group

    • Quarter-end communications to keep you on track
  • Quarter-End Pop-Up Communicator feature for when your UKGPS company administrator and payroll administrators are logging in to the system

Product Resources

Your MOST IMPORTANT tool will be the Quarter-End Checklist, which is available to you and your team! This checklist will point you to each task to prepare for an easy close and sign-off. You can find it in the following locations:

TIP: Be sure to finish your Quarter-End Checklist each quarter!


Now, let’s move on to specific tasks. Remember, completing these tasks is vital to a successful quarter-end filing!

1. Tax Verification Reports review

The Tax Verification Reports provide a recap of all tax settings for your account (company taxes) from our tax-filing software. The report is loaded to UKGPS client accounts in your solution on or before the 10th of the last month of the quarter. Clients’ primary and payroll contacts, as indicated in the payroll system, will receive an email notification once the report is loaded. The following actions should be completed by UKGPS clients once notification is received:

  • Confirm all taxes have valid agency-assigned identifications numbers; UKGPS may not be able to successfully file and/or make payments without them
  • Confirm all state unemployment taxes have correct state-assigned State Unemployment Tax Act rates
  • Review tax verifications against company taxes in the payroll system and note any differences
  • Contact UKG for tax updates or differences located by opening a UKG support case, or if you are still in implementation, contact your project manager and payroll consultant 
Tax Verification Report Company Taxes Screen
Team >> Payroll >> Reports >> Taxes >> Tax Documents Company Settings >> Payroll Setup >> Company Taxes


Image 1

TIP: Always send tax account updates to UKG as soon as you receive them!

2. Frequent review of data validations

If you are waiting until the end of the quarter to review your payroll data, chances are you are going to find the required adjustments. Completing these data validation reviews should not be put off until the end of the quarter but should be completed throughout. This is in order to reduce errors found during an already busy time. 

Appendix A of the Payroll Services Quarter-End Guide highlights the suggested data reviews and can be used at any point during the quarter. Some clients even run these validations after each payroll to keep their data balanced! 

TIP: Reviewing and adjusting data often is the key to a terrific quarter-end!

Data Validation Reports can be found in your account by following this system path: Team >> Payroll >> Forms >> W2s [Saved: System]. For additional instructions, please reference the Payroll Services Quarter-End Guide.


Image 2

3. Close and signoff

Closing and signing off are the final in-system tasks for quarter-end processing. Completing

them on the Quarter Process screen tells UKG Payroll Services that you have:

Image 3
  •  -Reviewed your data
  •  -Made corrections
  •  -Are ready for UKG Payroll Services to produce and file quarterly payments and returns 

The close and signoff steps are required for each employer identification number. Not completing these steps will require Payroll Services to close and sign off on your behalf in order to begin the filing process and will result in additional charges. 

Team >> Payroll >> Quarter/Year End Process >> Company Tax Quarters 

Bonus Resource: Check out our Close & Sign Off Mini Session!

REMINDER: Tasks are complete, but one more review is left!

4. Tax Package review

Payroll Services client Tax Packages will be uploaded in the system under Tax Documents. The Tax Package includes a paper version of all quarterly returns that were generated and filed on behalf of the client. Payroll Services will post in the UKG Community Group and will send notifications by email to the primary and payroll contacts once the package is available. 
What should you do once you’re notified that your package has been loaded?

  • Open your Tax Packages right away!
  • Take special note of the Reconciliation Recap page — this shows the total dollars due to the tax agency versus the total dollars collected during the quarter. Discrepancies may exist, resulting in a debit or a credit (found in the top right on the Reconciliation Recap page)    
    • Debit: If debit is required, the cash variance will post three or four business days after the Tax Package is posted.
    • Credit: If a credit is stated, the credit will be returned by the tax agency. 
  • Tax Packages are always final; if you find incorrect data, please contact UKG immediately. 

Use our Quarterly Tax Package Job Aid for more information on how to review.

A few last reminders for a successful quarter-end:

  • Follow along with all UKGPS communications
  • Note important dates on your team’s calendar
  • Mark your checklist for client-responsible filings such as Client-Responsible Taxes and Multiple Worksite Reporting
  • Attend trainings that are offered and extend invites to your team to join them

FINAL REMINDER: We are here for you! Please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.