A Harvest Delight — 4 UKG Ready Must-Use Resources for On-Site and Remote Employees

Return to Work

To return to the office or to continue working from home — that is the question. Employee safety and engagement have definitely been at the top of organizations’ minds since the start of the pandemic last year. And with COVID-19 cases rising once again and new legislation being announced almost daily, it’s essential that your organization utilizes the resources available in your UKG Ready™ solution. Whether they’re working in the office or at home, UKG Ready is committed to keeping your employees safe, informed, and engaged. 

Return to work

Workforce Activity Report 

Make sure you are utilizing the UKG Workforce Activity Report. We have the unique ability to analyze workforce activity in the U.S. through shift punches. We are currently analyzing more than 30,000 U.S. businesses and their 3.2 million employees to uncover the impact of COVID-19 and to compile activity reports. These reports have provided insight into how the workforce is recovering for over a year. 

Currently, UKG publishes these reports monthly to give your organization a sense of what others are doing. You can find the latest report and a list of all previous reports on our Managing Through Times of Uncertainty page.

Company Hub 

The Company Hub is one of the newest and most-talked-about features in UKG Ready. Intranet capabilities allow your organization to grow its brand within the system. You can also update employees on return-to-work parameters. This doesn’t just mean when but also how they can return to the office. The following questions are top of mind for many employees and can be conveyed through the Company Hub: 

  • Will they need to provide proof of vaccination status or a negative COVID-19 test? 
  • Will masks be required in common spaces? 
  • Will they need to attest daily that they have no symptoms of COVID-19? 

Are you currently working remotely and trying to onboard new employees? The Company Hub is a great tool to utilize. Share welcome videos and weekly updates from the CEO, and even upload PDFs of the employee handbook for them to take a look at!

COVID Response Hub 

Did you know that you can build your very own COVID Response Hub in UKG Ready by utilizing features you already have? Configuring the COVID Response Hub allows your organization to easily manage and track everything you need as employees begin to head back to the office. Through the COVID Response Hub, you can keep your people safe and informed while moving your organization forward.

With the recent legislation that has just been announced, it’s essential to keep all your organization’s data in one place. Utilize the COVID Response Hub to track employee vaccination status and negative COVID tests, and even use it as a contact-tracing tool. Check out our COVID Response Hub overview on YouTube and our COVID Response Hub Configuration Guide to set up your own response hub today!


Whether your organization is back in the office or working remotely, mobile is something everyone should be taking advantage of. If you are back in the office and your employees need to safely clock in, mobile punching is a tool to leverage. Employees can safely punch in on their own device, limiting exposure to other employees waiting to clock in at the same time. Mobile is also a great way for employees to submit time-off requests, check the latest schedule, and attest to their health conditions and for new hires to enter direct deposit information or fill out required paperwork. 

Keeping your employees safe, engaged, and informed during a pandemic is no easy feat. At UKG, we are here to help. For more information on what your UKG Ready solution can do and how it can help you during this time, make sure to check out our eBook UKG Ready Product Resources in the New Normal.