The good vibes keep rolling: The Kronos Huddle is On Demand

Kronos Huddle


Kronos Huddle

Thank you to everyone who joined the Kronos Huddle! 

Attendees, did you dig it? 

Readers who couldn’t make it, are you feeling bummed?

I bring exciting news to both groups. The outta sight Kronos Huddle sessions are available on demand until June 2021. Here’s what logging back in to the event or registering now for the on-demand experience will give you:

  • Access to the Theatres: Check out the Workforce Central, Workforce Ready, or Workforce Dimensions theatres for webinars about hot topics. Session titles and descriptions are available in the agenda.
  • Lounges: While the product lounges aren’t staffed with Kronos experts for the on-demand experience, you can still scroll through the chat to see what discussions took place. You might find answers to your questions there. If you’re interested in talking to a Kronos expert after attending the on-demand Huddle, select the “Talk to a Kronos expert” option to get in touch. 
  • Resources: You can find tons of great content supporting the sessions under Resources. Don’t forget to check out this area for more information and further learning.   
  • Play: While earning badges and winning prizes were perks of attending the Huddle on June 16, you still can attempt the trivia challenge to test your ’60s knowledge for fun!

What are people saying?

The event was a success with more than 2100 customers joining in! Here’s what a few attendees had to say about their Huddle experience.

  • "This was a great way to spend the day.” 
  • "The content was the best it’s ever been for one of these types of Kronos gatherings. Thanks!” 
  • “Thank you to everyone at Kronos for organizing such a great event and providing all of this information! The format was amazing, and I hope that a virtual Huddle can continue to happen.” 

And here are some of the top-rated sessions! If you’re attending on-demand, you won’t want to miss these.

  • Workforce Central: The Workforce Central 8.1 Experience 
  • Workforce Ready: Delivering Solutions You Need When They Matter Most 
  • Workforce Dimensions: What’s Coming in Timekeeping 

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We can’t wait to see you for the next Kronos Huddle — but you don’t have to hold out until next year to connect with Kronos experts and your peers. You can do it again next week!

Huddle Promo

Thanks again to our Huddle attendees! We hope you’re feeling jazzed about what you learned. And remember, you can access the on-demand experience at any point between now and June 2021. To continue the conversation with Kronos experts and Huddle attendees, please visit Kronos Community and search for your product group.  

Huddle on demand