Giving you the key to five payroll resources!

Payroll Profesional

First and foremost, we would like to acknowledge our amazing payroll administrators who make it happen week to week. We wish you a happy National Payroll Week filled with gratitude and celebration!

Resources are essential to being a successful payroll administrator, and we want to make sure you have all of them available within reach. We are here to share those top five payroll resources and give you a couple of quick tips along the way!

1) UKG® Kronos Community

The UKG Kronos Community is filled with great support tools for payroll administrators. Let’s start by reviewing the Payroll Services Resource Center. This center is focused on providing UKG Ready® and UKG Dimensions® HCM customers who use UKG Payroll Services (UKGPS) with quarter- and year-end guidance and on offering everyday best practices. Customers will find a selection of on-demand mini sessions, job aids, and webinars (such as a monthly new administrator overview and quarter-end session).

Quick Tip: Once you locate a helpful tool, whether it is a guide, job aid, or mini session, select the “follow” option within the file details to receive a notification on your homepage feed any time the tool is updated. 

We also have Community Groups that provide customers with quick access to payroll subject matter experts, payroll peers, and payroll communications:

Quick Tip: Become a member of the groups applicable to you, and select how often you would like to receive communications on group updates. You can choose to receive an email for every post, a daily digest, or a weekly digest, or to limit the notifications.

Additionally, there is a lot of helpful information available for customers on UKG Kronos Community, including the endless amount of Knowledge Articles that provide information and instruction on various Product and Services topics. Using the top search bar in UKG Kronos Community will provide you with the article related to your searched topic.

Quick Tip: It is always best practice to use Knowledge Articles when you have questions or need instruction for either Products or Services. Chances are you will find the answer you’re looking for without having to open a support case.

2) In-Application Features 

For UKG Ready customers, two amazing tools can be found in the application to keep you informed and on track with important tasks. Payroll administrators that utilize Payroll Services will receive communications via Pop-Up Communicator to help guide them through quarter- and year-end tasks and alert them of other important events, such as upcoming banking holidays or required payroll actions. 

Quick Tip: Click Next to view the following communication, or after you’ve read the information, click “do not show me again” to remove repetitive communications as you log in. 

Payroll administrators will also have access to a Quarter-End Checklist via readyConnect as the end of each quarter approaches. The checklist will take the administrator through preparation and audit tasks to help ensure that quarter-end will be a smooth success. Access the quarter-end checklist by selecting the readyConnect icon in the top right of your system and in the My Topics tab, select “Quarter-End Checklist.”

Quick Tip: Blue links found in the checklists act as a shortcut hyperlink. Selecting the links will help you quickly access applicable system screens for review or will link you to payroll tools to help with each task.

3) Payroll Services Webinars 

For Payroll Services customers, we offer three types of webinars throughout the year. These webinars aim to provide customers with daily best practices and quarter- or year-end preparation.

Webinar #1: Payroll Services Overview Session for Administrators
This UKG Payroll Services Overview Session for Administrators will provide tools, tips, and resources to clients who are using UKGPS post-processing services. This session is offered on the third Friday of every month. To register for this session:

Webinar #2: Payroll Services Quarter-End or Year-End Deep Dive Session
This Payroll Services Quarter-End Deep Dive Session will provide administrators with a review of quarter-end processes and communications along with the tools the Payroll Services team has made available to ensure the best possible quarter-end close experience and successful filing period. This session is offered live three times quarterly, and an on-demand version is available at any time. A similar year-end session is also available during the year-end processing time frame.

Webinar #3: Payroll Services Year-End Overview Refresher
This Payroll Services Year-End Overview Session is for administrators who have completed year-end processing with UKG Payroll Services before and are just looking for a quick refresher on important dates, what’s new, and resources to use. This session is offered both live and on demand during Quarter 4.

  • Registration details and the on-demand version will be found during Quarter 4 on the Payroll Services Resource Center >> Year-End Step # 3.

4) Product Learning

For UKG Ready payroll administrators, access the Payroll Learning Journey and find a collection of training content from payroll concepts to year-end payroll processing. Learning Center is available right within the UKG Ready solution by navigating to My Info > Help > Learning Center.

For UKG Dimensions HCM payroll administrators, access both self-paced (on-demand) and instructor-led learning within UKG KnowledgeMap Live™. Log in, select Find Learning in the menu bar, and filter on the Deploy: Adopt phase to find the training listed below. We recommend all three instructor-led courses for payroll professionals:

  1. Payroll Company Maintenance – 3.5 hours 
  2. Payroll Employee Maintenance – 3.5 hours
  3. Processing Payroll – 8 hours

5) HR and Payroll Resource Library

Right within the UKG Kronos Community, there is a hidden gem called the HR and Payroll Resource Library. For HR and payroll administrators, the library offers research tools, including federal or state laws and regulations and more! To access, log in to the Community and, from the right side of the homepage, select the HR and Payroll Resource Library button.

Quick Tip: Once you’re inside, be sure to use the search bar for fast results!