Give the Gift of TouchFree ID in 2022


Are you struggling to come up with the perfect new year gift for your employees? Is your workforce using the InTouch DX in their day-to-day work, or are you considering deploying the InTouch DX ? Well, you’re in luck! UKG just announced its latest InTouch DX option — TouchFree ID. And what better way to give back to your employees than making it easier for them to punch in and do their jobs?  

What is TouchFree ID? 

Like I mentioned above, TouchFree ID is the latest InTouch DX option UKG has delivered. Our goal is to take our timeclocks (and in turn your workforce) to the next level. When we say our purpose is people, we mean it. We’ve put time into and emphasis on creating technology for your organization that is both modern and people focused.



The TouchFree ID option allows your employees to clock in and out with ease. We're all still living through and experiencing the lasting effects of COVID-19. The pandemic has truly changed the way we interact in all aspects of our lives, both personally and professionally. Things we once considered normal are now seemingly things of the past.

TouchFree ID benefits and features 

Ease of use and employee safety are two of the biggest TouchFree ID benefits. This option will always recognize facial features, so once an employee interacts with TouchFree ID, the system remembers, and there is no need for reintroduction. It’s also a great way to keep your workforce safe. Since it’s a touch-free identification system, employees don’t have to place their finger on the scanner, easing the worry of catching and spreading viruses and other germs. TouchFree ID is extremely convenient to use — just a simple smile, and employees are in!

TouchFree ID leverages all the current technology, from the latest in biometrics to our dual cameras. InTouch ID works with any employee and any organization, regardless of industry, height, complexion, etc. Your organization also has the ability to configure TouchFree ID to its specific needs. You can enable two-factor identification, leave the camera in “always on” mode, and so much more! 

Interested in learning more about TouchFree ID or the InTouch DX itself? Make sure to check out this page!