A Gift You Can Open Early: Unwrap Our Seasonal Secrets

Seasonal Secrets

While it may be too early to finalize wish lists, dinner menus, and wrapping paper, it’s never too early to think about (and plan for) the upcoming season and its impacts on your workforce. 

This is the time of year when your organization is focused on recruiting, hiring, scheduling, and managing the extra hands joining your team for the busy upcoming weeks. Maybe you’re welcoming back employees who have been part of your seasonal workforce before and already know the ropes. Maybe you’re welcoming all-new team members for the very first time. Maybe this is your organization’s first year of getting “back to normal” where seasonal work is once again needed. 

No matter what, your teams are about to go through some changes and see some added work come their way. Wouldn’t it be nice to have best practices in your back pocket to handle these adjustments? Well, you’re in luck! Hop over to the Seasonal Employee Resource Center where you’ll find a variety of resources that offer advice to help you navigate those holiday hurdles.

What’s on the page? Here are just a few of the resources curated specifically for you and your people:

  •  Our 2022 retail holiday season trends report that details retailers’ plans for the 2022 holiday shopping season and beyond
  • Seasonal workforce management insights from the Workforce Institute podcast including what to do about seasonal hiring, how to show appreciation for current employees, how to turn seasonal workers into full-time employees and brand ambassadors, and more
  • Advice on hiring, onboarding, and retaining staff, including how to create a positive and impactful onboarding experience for your new employees
  • People management guidance when it comes to PTO requests and managing holiday time off and schedules

This is just a taste of what awaits on the resource center — start prepping for that holiday rush here