Get Release Ready — What UKG Dimensions Customers Need to Know

Release Ready Dimensions

What’s making a splash this summer? Other than the kids and the dogs cannonballing into the water, that is. Get excited for R8! Yes, the next UKG Dimensions™ release is on the horizon. 

Now is the time to start preparing to make the most of all the new features and functionality. This blog highlights key resources you won’t want to overlook and outlines tips for making the most of new releases. 


Release Ready Dimensions

Three resources to prepare for R8 

Here’s what to keep in mind as R8 approaches. 

Dimensions Release Overview Guide 

From getting your communication preferences set up in the Trust Site to engaging with fellow customers in Community and maximizing the comprehensive learning in KnowledgeMap and KnowledgeMap Live, this in-depth guide will help ensure that you, your teams, and your organization don't miss a thing and are fully prepared for a successful Dimensions release. 

Trust Site calendar dates 

Check your Trust Site calendar for your specific release to production R8 date and your Early Access date. Check out UKG Dimensions Trust Site Resources in UKG Kronos Community for more about the Trust Site and how to subscribe to receive communications, including Announcement notifications sharing release information. 

Release webinars 

The New Feature Sneak Peek webinar is coming up on June 16 at 1:00 p.m ET. If you haven’t registered yet, head over to the Release Readiness page and reserve your spot.  This webinar will provide a deeper dive into some of the exciting features you’ll be able to take advantage of in R8. 

While you’re on the Release Readiness page, you can check out a recording of the What’s New and What’s Next webinar that provided an overview of new features, new training courses, and new release readiness resources, and download the presentation slides. 

Five tips for becoming release ready

Now let’s talk about how to prepare for the upcoming release. Keep in mind that these tips are best practices for future releases as well, not just R8. The sparknotes version is first; more detail will be provided in the sections below: 

Visit and bookmark Release Readiness

Release Readiness WFM is THE SPOT for learning about new features coming in the latest release and accessing the tools and information you need to prepare. And, it just got a makeover! The redesigned page features four new helpful sections—Tips to Get Release Ready, Release Notes, Learning Resources, and Upcoming R8 Release Essentials—as well as webinar links and additional resources. Make sure to log in to UKG Kronos Community before clicking the link to access Release Readiness. You’ll definitely want to bookmark this page for easy access to all the comprehensive, essential, and helpful release resources. If there is one thing you take away from this blog post, let it be this! 

Subscribe to Trust Site communications

The Trust Site is for more than just monitoring the status of your solution. It’s how you receive critical information about your solution, including releases. Make sure you subscribe to Trust Site communications for maintenance, incidents, and announcements. The Trust Site communications guide will help you understand these three types of notifications. Subscribing to all three notifications types is what we recommend so you don’t miss a thing — but keep your eyes out for announcements in particular. Announcement communications will contain information regarding R8 and other future releases. Visit Trust Site Resources to learn more, or check out the Key Benefits of the UKG Dimensions Trust Site blog post.

Join the UKG Dimensions discussion group

The UKG Dimensions WFM discussion group in UKG Kronos Community is a great place to connect with peers and ask questions about upcoming releases. It’s also one of the channels we use to promote when new material is available on the Release Readiness page. Not yet a member? Join and follow the group today! Learn about new features.

Did you know that you must enable new features for them to become fully functional in your production tenant and accessible to users? New-feature training provides you with clear instructions on how to enable, or turn on, the new features you want to use. 

And where do you get new-feature training? You’ll find it in UKG KnowledgeMap™ and UKG KnowledgeMap Live. Get your hands on self-paced content that includes tutorials, demonstrations, job aids, and instructor-led training.

  • KnowledgeMap: Log in to UKG Kronos Community and visit Learn UKG Dimensions for easy access to KnowledgeMap. Then, filter on phase and check Success: New Features to find the latest self-paced content for R8. 
  • KnowledgeMap Live: Log in to your KnowledgeMap Live learning portal, click Go Further, and select the UKG Dimensions New Features program. 

The Dimensions learning team will release new training courses as we approach R8. Check both learning portals often so you don’t miss any training you’re interested in taking! 

Ensure your users adopt the new features

The User Adoption Resource Center contains a set of change management and user support tools — including templates for communication plans, mobile adoption tools, and other change-related resources — you can customize for your needs. You can access the User Adoption Resource Center and explore what it has to offer through the homepage of your KnowledgeMap Live learning portal. There are tons of great tools in the resource center, but the good news is that you don’t have to do it all yourself if DIY isn’t your cup of tea. UKG offers the option to work with a user adoption consultant to get hands-on assistance. Contact [email protected] if you have questions. 


Do you remember when we said, “If there is one thing you take away from this blog post, let it be this?”

If you’re thinking, “Yes, of course. It was about the must-see webinars,” you’d get a less-than-perfect score on the pop quiz.

Luckily, no one’s getting graded. And anyway, you wouldn’t be entirely wrong because you definitely want to register and attend the upcoming New Feature Sneak Peek webinar and catch the recording of the What’s New and What’s Next webinar. But the correct answer is Release Readiness. The reason being is that it will connect you to everything you need to know. It will promote webinars, highlight important dates, point you to documentation — it’s the buffet serving up every release readiness dish your heart would desire. Don’t forget to bookmark it for easy access to all things release!