Finding the right UKG Ready reports in two easy steps

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As a UKG Ready administrator, you may recognize that the majority of the screens inside of your UKG Ready solution are built like reports, and that’s exactly what they are! Whether you’re a new administrator or looking for a new report to get the data you need it may be hard to know the right report to use when browsing the nearly 500 standard reports available. Enter the new Custom Report Builder in your Report Hub! 

This new report builder provides a curated way for finding and customizing reports using a two-step process. The Custom Report Builder helps narrow down the reports that align with your needs and can save you time by not having to sift through each report and the columns available. Overall, it provides better insight into how the reporting process works. Not only is this feature beneficial for you as a system administrator, but your managers and employees (for those with access to creating reports) can reap the benefits, too!

The two-step process begins with the report criteria selection. In the Custom Report Builder, you can start by selecting the type of reporting category, and choose from any of the modules you own, whether it is Timekeeping, Benefits, Recruitment, Payroll, or more. From there, you can search for your desired columns. The search process is simple – just start typing the word you’re looking for and choose any of the available columns in the reports in your selected category. You can add up to 15 data points to your search criteria. The system then does its magic and validates your search items to provide a list of reports that most closely fit your criteria. The report listing then gives you a ranking on how closely the reports align. The higher the percentage, the better the report fits your needs. 

Build Report View

Once you choose your desired report, you’re ready for step two–configuring your report. As you navigate to the configuration screen, you can prepare your report for exporting or saving for future use. Items you can configure on this screen include:

  • Report name
  • Report description
  • Column and report filters
  • Add or remove columns from the view

As you make these changes, the report preview updates with the data entered or selected, giving real-time visibility into what your report will look like when reviewing. You’ve reached the final steps: save the view and run it. All reports built and saved through the Custom Report Builder are available on your My Saved Reports screen under My Info > My Reports> My Saved Reports or through the Report Hub. 

Build Report Preview

This new Report Hub feature will help provide a pathway to guide administrators, managers, and employees to the right report customized with the desired data. Explore more Report Hub offerings in your UKG Ready solution to help you with all of your reporting needs. Easily access user guides and release notes with more information about the Custom Report Builder in the Online Documentation portal under My Info > Help > Online Documentation.