Find it faster with your People Analytics upgrade

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Find it fast. That’s what a good search function should help you do. And it’s also what customers who’ve received their UKG Pro® People Analytics solution upgrade to IBM® Cognos® version 11.2.4FP3 have reported. New search bar functionality, as well as dashboard enhancements and a redesigned user interface, are all part of this upgrade. 

We realize some of you may be wondering when you’ll get to take advantage of these new features. This is a phased upgrade, meaning it’s being conducted in groups over a few months. If you haven’t already, you’ll get an email from us about two weeks ahead of your production environment upgrade. 

Once you have the new version, your search bar will be located in the main Cognos Analytics application bar, allowing you to easily search from any page. You’ll also have a context sensitive search option. This allows you to search within a specific folder by navigating to your desired location and then entering keywords in the search bar. When you do this, your results will appear on two tabs: One for results in the specific folder you searched from and another for all content. 

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And speaking of keywords, the search function will do a better job of recognizing phrases. The default search operator is now “AND” instead of “OR.” What that means is when you search for the keywords “year-end report,” results that include both “year-end” and “report” are returned. 

There’s a lot more to this upgrade, though. Here’s a look at some of the other things you can expect.

New user interface
  • Welcome Page. The Welcome page will look a little different, with a new color palette and buttons. The Quick Links menu was replaced with a new Quick Links Launch section, allowing you to quickly create content.
  • Folder and Content Navigation. Content and folder navigation have been moved from within the side panel to a new, full-page view on the Content page, enabling you to easily create, edit, navigate, and view information about your content.
Dashboard enhancements
  • Visualizations. You can now create a box plot visualization to identify outliers and compare distributions. Radar visualizations can be created to quickly identify variables that are scoring high or low within a data set.
  • Properties. More than 40 dashboard, visualization, and widget properties have been added or enhanced. Many of these are focused on the ability to customize what you’re seeing, such as setting an individual background color for each tab in a dashboard.
  • Cascading filter. You can allow the filters from the All Tabs area to filter out options from the This Tab area. For instance, if Chile is selected using the Country filter in the All Tabs area, when you add a City filter to the This Tab area, only cities in Chile appear as options in the list.


For a comprehensive list of all the new features and enhancements of the Cognos upgrade, we recommend checking out the What’s New in Cognos Analytics 11.2.4 FP3 guide.


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