A Final Farewell to the Classic Employee Profile

Employee Profile Blog

Last June, we introduced the new look for our Employee Profile. Throughout the year, we’ve listened to your feedback and implemented released enhancements based on your suggestions. Feedback channels include:

  • 15+ individual interviews 
  • 13 one-on-one user studies 
  • 60 Community survey responses 
  • 4 Advisory Board sessions with 80 customers and partners 
  • 1,250+ in-product survey responses 

Our product managers and user experience team have been hard at work analyzing this feedback and making changes. The latest feedback from the in-product survey showed that out of the over 1,200 responses, 94% of respondents (see chart below) said that they preferred the new employee layout. 

Employee profile

The most common points in the feedback were: 

  • The single column layout was preferred
  • Too much horizontal scrolling was required
  • Too much data/information was grouped together
  • There was too much white space — fields should be closer together

To address the most common points of feedback and preferences on views during the June release customers can expect to see: *

Single-Column/Multi-Column Toggle: Introducing a permanent toggle that will allow users to choose between the new multi-column and single-column views. The single-column view will be within the workspace framework so users will be able to expand and collapse the jump to the profiles panel.

Adjustable-Sized of Widgets: We will introduce the ability to adjust widget size capability currently seen on the new UI Dashboard to the multi-column view of the employee profile. This will allow users the ability to adjust the height and width of their widgets to customize to their own layout.

Compact View: We are applying compact changes to fonts, paddings, and field sizes across the entire profile (including widgets). These changes will apply to both the multi-column and single-column views.

*Enhancements subject to change 

We are working hard to complete the above enhancements for the June release so that we can then go several releases without introducing any significant changes to the profile, allowing users time to get accustomed to the new experience. Remember, for the time being you can still toggle back and forth between the classic and the new view. The new Employee Profile will be fully implemented during our June release when we’ll officially be saying farewell to the classic view and eliminating the toggle.

We still want to hear from you! In the weeks following the June release we will be introducing another in-product survey about the latest employee profile enhancements. I encourage all of you to take that survey. We want to make this experience the best it can be for our customers, and we truly value your feedback.