The Experience Expert: Recruiting and Hiring in the Great Resignation

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As an HR professional, there are a lot of moving parts that go into your day-to-day work. Processes play a key role in ensuring those tasks are completed and are processed efficiently. Taking a step back and thinking strategically about how you create and implement those processes can help improve the overall execution. So if you haven’t had the opportunity to meet The Experience Expert, let me introduce you. The Experience Expert is your new must-have HR resource where we focus on different HR-related topics to help you think strategically when planning (or rethinking) your processes. We bring in some of our UKG HR experts to talk through some thought-leadership style offerings while sprinkling in a bit of how you can do this using your UKG® solution.

In our first-ever The Experience Expert webinar, we discuss Recruiting and Hiring in the Great Resignation. Throughout the session, our expert, Karina Monesson from UKG’s Human Insights team, provides thought-provoking ways to reimagine your recruiting and hiring processes as organizations battle with the turnover toll from The Great Resignation. And while the number of job openings may have decreased by the end of April, there are still over 11.4 million job openings looming. With that being said, the balance of power has shifted. Employees and candidates have higher expectations when searching for roles and organizations that fit their values and needs. Karina explores the strategies for four different focus areas when recruiting and retaining your top talent. This includes rebranding, rethinking, reskilling, and retaining. Additionally, you’ll discover tactics for tying the concepts to ways you can accomplish these areas in your system, including using job requisition templates, organizational branding in your job postings, preboarding functionality, onboarding dashboards, and more.