Everything You Need to Know About Payroll Taxes


Calling all payroll professionals! This week — National Payroll Week — is dedicated to you, our payroll superheroes. To celebrate, our Kronos Payroll Services (KPS) program manager, Christina Messina, shares some payroll tax tips! 

Tip 1: Treat your organization’s taxes like maintaining your car

Did you know that maintaining your organization’s taxes is like maintaining your car? You need to make sure it has a tune-up and the right parts. Here are some tips:

Frequent tune-up — Give it an oil change 

  • Review your accounts under Company Taxes at least quarterly to confirm that the data is accurate
  • If you locate a discrepancy or a tax that should not be there, contact Kronos

The right parts — Make sure all the right data are in your solution

  • Account Identification Numbers must be populated
  • Ensure filing frequency is correct
  • Double-check that SUTA rates are up to date

Give it a wash — Keep your information fresh and clean 

  • For KPS customers, if you have new or updated information like SUTA Tax rates updates, Frequency, and Tax IDs, you’ll want to make sure you send along this information to your Kronos team 

Tip 2: Bookmark the new Kronos Payroll Resource page in Kronos Community 

As you know, taxes can be complicated, and staying up to date on the latest changes will help your organization mitigate compliance risks. Our new resource page provides an array of tools and resources to help you navigate various rules and regulations when it comes to taxes.

Tip 3: Check out the Tax Resource Section 

If you learn you are missing tax identification numbers, tax rates, or frequencies, you can access reference tools within our new Tax Resource section on the Kronos Payroll Services page to help you navigate your specific situation. Within the resource section, you’ll also discover our new Tax Agency Quick Links article, which outlines links to state and local agencies to access tax registration information.  

Fun Fact: This year, Rhode Island’s state personal income tax includes emojis!

Tip 4: Continue to learn through training

Make sure to attend our Quarter End Training session to further your knowledge when it comes to the ever-changing world of payroll and taxes. You can also find additional trainings on our Kronos Payroll Services Resource Page, like our New Admin Program for new KPS admins and our KPS Mini Sessions, which typically range from 15 to 60 minutes in length. We are currently offering two KPS Mini Sessions: 


Payroll Heros

Here’s to you, our payroll heroes!